PVV – #2257 vs Andy San Dimas in a unicorn mask

…when real stuff is happening, distract with silly!!

So apparently AVN Award winning and generally well-respected and loved adult performer Andy San Dimas was at a Pittsburg Pirates game recently. And, as a proud member of The Unicorn Army, she was doing a little dance while decked out in the necessary headgear – all in the hopes of getting on the jumbotron…


(pictured: ASD at the game… you can watch the dance on TMZ here – it’s literally nothing)

…when an usher asked her to settle down. She snapped back with some sassy retort, which was understandable – how many hundreds of characters do you see dancing around in various iterations of costumed silliness at any and every sporting event EVER?!!

So Andy was kicked out of the park. And then, when she was at the police station later, some fool cop put on her mask and posed for a picture that was subsequently released into the wilds of social media. (though it seems harmless to me, he’s currently under investigation)

ASD cop

(pictured: …not a good call officer)

And just about all anyone could talk about yesterday was this silly unicorn mask thing – who cares?!! I mean, it’s extremely shitty that Andy was removed from the park for doing absolutely nothing, but it also doesn’t surprise me. God forbid an adult performer have a good time at a baseball game… (cue: sex worker discrimination)

But something *actually* important did happen yesterday (thereabouts) – “2257 Judge Rules Against FSC on Almost All Issues

According to AVN:

The federal recordkeeping and labeling [2257] laws are upheld in their entirely, except that the DOJ will have to rewrite one tiny part of the regulations, and barring an appeal (which we’re pretty sure will be filed if Free Speech Coalition and the other plaintiffs have enough money to do so!!!), the government is free to barge into adult businesses searching for non-existent child performers, and to force producers (especially secondary producers) to spend tens of thousands of dollars keeping records that say kids aren’t in their productions when any sane person would know that kids aren’t in their productions because child pornography is against the law! (here)

But no one cares about this… all we care about is Andy in a unicorn mask.


To learn more about US Code Title 18 – 2257 (and 2257A) on PVV, go here –> “Uncovered – 2257

And I highly recommend you read AVN’s entire summary and discussion of the case. This will have a far greater impact on your daily life than some chic having silly fun at a baseball game #justsayin


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And by the way, this Unicorn Army thing – anything promoting “Operation: Cause a Ruckus” seems fun to me!! Check them out on twitter at @TheUnicornArmy.


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