PVV – what I “know” about what’s currently going on… *UPDATED* (9/3)

…is not much.

Although there are certainly those privy to a thing or two regarding the adult industry specific, HIV-related happenings that have occurred over the past 48 hours (or longer), I put *know* in quotes above because… well, because there’s a lot of speculation going on. From what I can discern, this is what seems to have occurred:

1. A person, hereafter Person A, has tested positive for HIV at a clinic outside California. It has been alluded that this incident was recorded in Florida.

2. No details about Person A are available, and I am unclear as to Person A’s “status” in the industry. I assume Person A is an active performer; however I have no idea how much this person has worked, nor in what segments/genre/sorts of productions. As far as I know, any such details to these ends are speculation at this point.

3. After Adult Industry Medical (AIM) closed permanently in May, 2011, the FSC developed the Adult Production Health and Safety Services (APHSS) program/organization. Among other things, APHSS has coordinated a network of testing centers with locations around the country.

APHSS has also developed protocol to monitor STI transmissions and contain HIV infection/minimize performer exposure in the instance an active performer tests positive for HIV. For these reasons, APHSS encourages performers to test at centers within their network. They also encourage producers to rely on test results from network-affiliated centers. (more on APHSS here)

Person A’s HIV status was identified by a clinic/facility outside the APHSS network; thus, a clinic with no protocol for monitoring, containing, and/or preventing further possible exposure.

4. Consequently, APHSS and the FSC simply “heard” that a presumably active performer outside the state of California tested positive for HIV on Saturday August 27. The information must have come from a reliable source and Person A must be an active performer (as opposed to, for example, a person seeking initial testing in order to begin working as talent) because APHSS and the FSC called for an industry-wide production moratorium late Sunday (8/28)/early Monday (8/29)…

…and that is all.

I sometimes wish the sociologist in me would allow for instant unbridled free-form speculation and unfettered reactions to things as they happen, but un/fortunately I have to wait for the patterns to emerge. I will say this though – this entire situation is extremely complex and significant on multiple levels.

Here is a link to FSC’s initial press release and some discussion on the organization’s blog.

And some very interesting discussion of the issue from Anthony Kennerson here and here.

*UPDATED* (9/3)

According to the FSC, Patient Alpha (who I was referring to above as Person A) has been tested at an APHSS-affiliated facility. Patient Alpha’s test has come back negative for HIV; presumably then, the initial test was a false positive. According to the FSC, it is appropriate to recommence production. The FSC’s statement is here. This statement has been reprinted in the adult industry media.

AP news break of this story here.

But the questions remain… Where did the false positive come from? And what implications will this incident have on adult performers and production? And what about the associated Circus of Events that has been going on this past week? Because all that smacks of something far more nefarious than I care to speculate over at this moment.

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