PVV – …waaait a second, UFC

Dear UFC,

I just read this:

“LOS ANGELES—Mixed martial artist Dakota Cochran, who will be competing on FX’s The Ultimate Fighter Live, has been identified as a gay porn performer. Cochran also moonlights as ‘Danny’ for gay porn paysite SeanCody.com.

The MMA blogosphere has lit up and been buzzing about Cochran since the news initially broke last summer, but picked up steam with the reality show’s upcoming premiere.

‘Danny’ has appeared on SeanCody.com since 2008 in both solo scenes and in hardcore scenes with male performers.

According to UFC President Dana White the organization would be accepting of a homosexual fighter.

‘I’ll tell you right now, if there was a gay fighter in UFC, I wish he would come out,’ White said. ‘I could care less if there’s a gay fighter in the UFC. There probably is and there’s probably more than one. I mean, it’s 2012. Give me a break.’

The Ultimate Fighter Live is an MMA reality show that premieres March 9, and is a quest to find the UFC’s next star. Cochran is one of 32 contestants. He earned a spot on the show after defeating World Extreme Cagefighting champ Jamie Varner at last year’s Titan Fighting Championship 20. The 25-year-old Nebraska native holds an 11-2 pro MMA record.”

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I am very happy to learn that Dana and the UFC and the MMA blogosphere and whomever else is open to the fact that Dakota can be both an MMA fighter/Ultimate UFC wannabe and a porn performer… and one who works “in hardcore scenes with [other] male performers,” no less!! I am also happy to learn that the UFC “would be accepting of a homosexual fighter.” (just one?) These are revelations that not everyone in the world has made.

But UFC… and this is not to rain on Dakota’s parade, nor is it to minimize your (new found?) inclusiveness… why then did you recently fire Octagon Girl Chandella Powell for her “secret” “past life” as Mariah Ashton, a past life that included one solo softcore gallery only?

(that story is here –> http://pvvonline.com/?p=1449)

Interestingly, I have been informed by someone “in the know” (whatever that means) that, whereas Chandella kept her “life” as Mariah a “secret” by refraining from listing the credit on her proverbial resume, Dakota was upfront about his side gig as Danny from the get go. Does this matter? Should it matter?

Though I hesitate to be all hater about what may well be an example of masculinities liberalization, I’m left to wonder: the UFC fires women, but supports men, for adult-related work experience? Apparently.

I’m calling shenanigans, UFC. And sexism. And discrimination. And probably some other things too.


dr. chauntelle

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