PVV – two interesting “articles”!!

They aren’t exactly articles, but here are two interesting bits – one interview and one “weigh in.”


1. I will be participating in/speaking on a panel for the Good Vibrations Sex Summit at the end of this month, which I am super excited about. Here is a little interview I did with them in anticipation of the event.

Questions cover topics ranging from the changing media and sex’s place therein to the culture’s misappropriation of media representations of sexual things as sex ed, among many other things. It’s a great little interview, plus I got to make a sassy joke about Vin Diesel, which I always enjoy… I hope you enjoy it, too!!

Read the full interview –> here <–


2. Also, Jezebel.com’s “Genderal Interest” columnist Hugo Schwyzer recently covered LA County’s upcoming “mandatory barrier protection in *all* commercial hardcore sex depictions – that means you too, cam girls!!” Measure B, which is on the November 6, 2012 ballot. He quoted some of my statements about the initiative from sentiments I expressed here.

It’s very interesting take. Read it in full –> here <– and enjoy!!


And make sure you register to VOTE – you cannot complain if you don’t take action!!


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