PVV – there’s nothing “adult” about minor sexual abuse

Today, by way of Free Speech Coalition (FSC), I read this report from Canada East entitled: “RCMP say child porn is misnomer: It’s child sex abuse.” (March 25, 2011)


“The term ‘child pornography’ [CP] is outdated and inaccurate, according to the [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] (RCMP).

After all, most pornography is not illegal and normally involves consenting adults. Since children can’t consent to being in sexual situations, any photo or video depicting young people in that manner is not pornography at all. It’s evidence of a heinous crime.

‘They’re not child pornography, they’re child sexual abuse images,’ says RCMP Cpl. Jean-Marc Paré, commanding officer of J Division’s Fredericton-based Internet Child Exploitation Unit. ‘We’re trying to get away from the ‘pornography’ word because people tend to normalize that word and accept it.'”

To this, all I can say is: “No duh.”

“No duh” are graphic sexual images of minors evidence of heinous crimes, and “no duh” are these heinous crimes unrelated to “pornography” – various forms of legal, graphic sexual images of consenting adults.

Now, I’m not sure that the RCMP is issuing this statement in an attempt to help legitimize adult production. In fact, according to the report, there’s a desire to get away from the normalizing/legitimizing aspects of the word “pornography.”

Wait, what? “Pornography” is normalizing?!! Canada must be a lot different from the US… but this idea makes me think:

There’re lots of people out there who spend a lot of time looking for (in order to shut down) minor sexual abuse a la “CP,” and these folks spend a lot of time looking for it in the professional adult entertainment/production industry. Sickly and sadly, minor sexual abuse via graphic sexual imagery is rampant… just not in professional porn.

If graphic sexual images of children were referred to as what they actually are, which is child abuse, then perhaps people would get less caught up in porn and more caught up in helping kids. Moreover, if child welfare advocates directed their efforts in combating minor sexual abuse more effectively (read: they redirected the time they spend combing adult productions to targeting areas where this type of abuse actually tends to occur), then they would likely be able to help and protect more children.

It’s a wild thought.

But, in the meantime, adult industry-rooted organizations like the Association of Sites Advocating for Child Protection (ASACP) fight this type of minor sexual abuse on a daily basis. And nation-states like Canada, which I just adore poking fun at (I <3 “South Park,” what can I say!!), are making strides in reshaping a gross misnomer… that seems to twist a sick and twisted issue even further.

Good job, Canada!!

ASACP – Read about Dr. Chauntelle’s explorations of this hard-working and dedicated organization here and here (because they do too much for just one post).

And for whatever reason, people still think the Traci Lords’ case is an example of child sexual abuse… but it was far more complicated than that. Read PVV’s Uncovered piece on Nora Kuzma/Traci Lords here.

(pictured: the RCMP – this can’t be real, but it’s real awesome!!)

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