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Recently, I reviewed Burning Angel Entertainment’s Ass-Fucked (2011). It was really good, especially the fifth and final scene between Joanna Angel and Manuel Ferrara. Here is some of what I wrote about it:

“Scene #5: Joanna is in a cage (a cage!!), and she has on a “crazy girl” outfit and make-up. She’s having all sorts of rough times with herself and is desperate to reach this lone dildo that’s placed conveniently out of reach. It’s a good tease, and you actually feel her tension. Luckily, when it almost gets to be too much, Manuel Ferrara arrives to help our caged Joanna out…

And then, just like that, Ass-Fucked jumps to a whole different level. It was good before Scene #5 and I refuse to ruin it for you by revealing what happens next (what could make it so impressive??), but just imagine Manuel at his best – able to fine-tune his intensity and find a specific woman’s particular edge… or at least that’s what it looked like to me.

…and imagine Joanna pushed to her limits while still being able to keep up. It was amazing, a little difficult to watch at points (in the spots where it just wasn’t my thing, but not because it was bad), and definitely one of those scenes that should be cited when people claim women in adult do not enjoy their work. Sometimes, just sometimes, some of them clearly obviously totally do.” (emphasis added to this text)

(pictured: Joanna Angel and Manuel Ferrara in Ass-Fucked)

In a nutshell, what I was saying is that the fifth and final scene of Ass-Fucked was super intense – so super intense, in fact, that I can imagine it being used as an example someday in some sort of anti-adult rhetoric. Whatsmore, given that Joanna is responsible for both creating the film and her performance therein, I found/find this possibility (which I think is very real) a little ironic.


Less recently, I reviewed Extreme Comixxx’s The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes (2011). It was pretty good overall, though not for an extreme comix aficionado. This is some of what I had to say about it:

The Justice League may not be as spot on a parody as it could be; but for the casual fan of super friends fun, it provides more than enough entertainment and fantasy fodder.

However, I feel compelled to say…

The final blow bang scene in The Justice League left an unpleasant taste in my mouth (pun not intended).

Although I understand, maintain, respect, and hope that every person involved with this particular scene chose to participate on the basis of what they felt was right for them, the sociologist in me wondered about the gender implications of Women Woman going from super equal team member to piñata-style party favor… (I’ll leave it to you to figure what’s what)

Moreover, I was taken aback by how out of place this scene seemed – this wasn’t just a blow bang; it was a pretty hard blow bang. The Justice League was a fun, entertaining, and sexy parody with a consistent tone up until this last bit. In another genre or context, the mechanics of this specific scene would have been fine… but here, it was out of place and seemed excessive.” (emphasis added to this text)

(pictured: Chanel Preston as Wonder Woman in The Justice League of Pornstar Heros)

So basically, I was troubled by the fact that Wonder Woman went from “integral team member” to “fuck toy party favor” at the end of The Justice League. Why was that apparently unequal blow bang necessary, and what were/are the implications therein?

Again, OK…

And then, more recently, I received a wonderful series of comments from none other than XCritic‘s Don Houston. Here’s a bit from his bio:

“I wear my heart on my sleeve in regards to what I write about the industry and the titles I review, wincing at the weaker stuff and actively promoting the works that show more care; acknowledging that the budgets are far smaller than mainstream but also realizing that a little creativity goes a long way to making superior smut.”

Thoughtful and interesting, I was pleased to read that Don interpreted The Justice League‘s blow bang a little differently than I had. Here is some of what he wrote:

“Justice League: …Your biggest concern comes from the blow bang and while I’m not typically a fan of them either (be they light and fluffy or hard as can be nasty), perhaps you’re reading too much into it (or I, not enough). Chanel/WW are sexual dynamos capable of bringing all those men to their knees via oral alone. In the character of WW, she was raised on an island devoid of all men, straying forth due to the shrinking world’s likelihood of impacting her home. The mythology behind the Amazons aside, couldn’t WW be of a frame of mind to ‘catch up for lost time’ and what better partners than physically enhanced heroes; none of whom asked her to get the coffee (knowing they’d be laid out on their ass), take notes of their meetings, or otherwise place her in a subordinate role. That she took them on as an equal, maybe more than equal if you catch my drift, speaks to her superiority over most of them…” (quoted with permission)


As Don correctly points out, I’m not a big fan of the whole blow bang thing… but blow bangs aside, his take on the scene and the potential implications therein center on empowering, rather than disempowering, women. Why can’t Wonder Woman be in control of the blow bang situation and/or exploring something new, therefore choosing to celebrate the conclusion of yet another adventure with a little cock?

She can, and the likelihood of her doing so (empowering) is no greater or less than my take (fairly disempowering). Don’s perspective on this made me think a lot… especially considering The Justice League in conjunction with Ass-Fucked.

I was blown away by Joanna Angel’s bold bravado badassery in Ass-Fucked – not my personal cup of tea (just like blow bangs), but incredible in so many ways. And, as I stated/quoted above, I was simultaneously concerned that someday Ms. Joanna’s autonomy and power would be diminished by a less-than-informed assessment of her most recent project.

But at the same time…

Even though I had acknowledged the fact that everyone had to be on board for the final scene in The Justice League, all I could see were the negative implications of that Super Friend blow bang. I neglected to even consider (much less offer) another side or a different reading – I left out a more a la Ass-Fucked assessment, if you will, of The Justice League. So essentially, I did to it exactly what I fear will one day happen to Ass-Fucked.

I don’t like that blow bang any more (or less) than I did before, but I really appreciate the eye-opening lesson.

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