PVV – the EXXXOTICA Expo is coming!!

Although this is a very general characterization, it seems to me like there are three types of trade shows: those that are intended for folks already working in a specific occupation or industry; those that are for fans, followers, and/or consumers of an occupation or industry; and those that are a hybrid of the two. This seems to apply to most industries today (more or less).

In the world of adult, the XBiz shows are examples of purely trade events, the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) is an example of a hybrid… and the EXXXOTICA Expo is an example of the biggest super-fun circus of all – the fan show!!

This year, the self-professed “largest event in the USA dedicated to love and sex” consists of a series of four events, each spanning three days. EXXXOTICA Miami Beach and EXXXOTICA Chicago have already passed, EXXOTICA New Jersey is scheduled for November 4-6, and EXXXOTICA LA …will. occur. this. weekend!!

You know you’re excited!! Oh wait, not yet?

Well, maybe you should know a coupla things…

– there will be a ton of adult industry folks in attendance including performers, directors, and industry personalities – aren’t you curious? (who exactly and their schedules are here)

– tickets to EXXXOTICA LA are free – FREE!! – for the ladies on Friday, August 26th.

– there’s a stage right in the middle of it all where all sorts of stuff will be happening including: “demonstrations,” burlesque and peep shows, contests that require audience participation (!!), and DJs and music among other things – aren’t you curious? (what’s what and daily schedules here)

– there are seminars, which add a measure of education into the mix!! How could this not be interesting: Fellatio 101, Girl Talk with the Stars (no boys allowed!!), toy seminars, a roundtable with adult directors, and so much more – aren’t you curious? (seminar schedules here)

– I will be there, roaming about as I am wont to do (haha aren’t you curious?)

– there are parties to go to, too!! (here)

Hemp Con will be happening right next door (no idea… but maybe you do!!)

(pictured: neat image from an EXXXOTICA of yesteryore/earlier this year… more here!!)

EXXXOTICA LA is for you, bebes!! It’s an opportunity to see a bit of the fun side of adult, and it should be an interesting experience on multiple levels. It combines entertainment with education and the opportunity to see new dimensions of a world that is integral to our wider cultural landscape. In my humble opinion, if you’re at all interested, EXXXOTICA LA definitely worth exploring… if for no other reason than the sociology and anthropology of it all :)

EXXXOTICA LA will be held downtown in the Los Angeles Convention Center (1201 South Figueroa Street, 90015). Tickets here!!

And btw… curious about Dr. Chauntelle’s adventures at this year’s XBiz LA show? Then go here. For AEE, go here – super awesome!!

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