PVV – the Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson show is coming!!

So I’ve been dropping hints left and right for the past few weeks, but now it’s time for the big reveal – the Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson show is coming!!

Starting next week, PVV will be offering up a special weekly podcast featuring yours truly and my good friend Johnson. Johnson is super special (a unique and singular snowflake!!), but in many ways he’s fairly “regular” – a married, college educated dude in his mid-30s. He works in mainstream film advertising and is a pop culture aficionado. He also has a very open and honest, long-standing relationship with adult entertainment.

But don’t take my word for it!! Starting this Monday, you can get to know Johnson (and get to know me better) as he and I discuss all things adult, sex, culture, politics, law, policy, and the like.  We’ll also feature interesting friends and guests, exciting fun and games (games??), and plenty of informed-yet-opinionated fantabulousity for good measure. It’s going to be a raucous good time!!

Look for new episodes of Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson Mondays on PVVOnline.com. You can also find new episodes of Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson and PVV’s entire audio/video archive, including PVV’s “other” podcast – Back Stories, on pvvonline.podbean.com!!

In the meantime, have a 10 minute listen to a sample of us – Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson discuss these mysterious Boxee box things, the atrocity that is p * r n h u b (I wrote that like that on purpose), and the possible implications of their new joint venture – enjoy!!

(and incidentally – I believe the expression is “herding cats,” not chickens… doh!!)



And, if you’re so inclined, why not follow Johnson on Twitter at @PVVJohnson? He needs friends, and so do I!! –> @drchauntelle

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