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Tasha Reign is many things – writer, model/actress, porn performer, UCLA undergrad… yep.

As a UCLA alum, I have long since felt a bit of kindred spirit-ness with Tasha – she does a lot of campus-related things that I used to do in the ’90s, and we’re both writers.

But Tasha is a much better, bigger writer than I was when I was an undergrad – whereas I used to write for The Daily Bruin, Tasha writes for the OC Weekly!

Every week, “Tasha Tells All…” – she engages the real world of adult entertainment from the informed perspective of a woman who is both currently working and extremely successful in her chosen occupation. She challenges stereotypes head-on, all while demystifying the adult industry and correcting commonly repeated misinformation.

Tasha also shares her thoughts on myriad other topics: life, sex, politics, and everything in between. “Tasha Tells All… on the Exploitation of Minors in Reality Shows” – yes!!

And though not everyone will agree with Tasha (I don’t always agree with her), her column is undeniably funny, smart, and informative. She’s taking the time out to share her world as she experiences it with all of us – it’s a most social justice-informed enterprise.

I highly recommend you check out “Tasha Tells All…” –> here.


(pictured: go Bruins!!)


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