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Do you know what a “star showcase” is?

In terms of adult, a star showcase is a title that consists of a collection of scenes, each featuring one *star* performer.

Star showcases come in a couple different forms…

Sometimes, they’re a collection of new scenes each featuring a star performer. Elegant Angel pretty much has this form cornered and covered, with hott glam-gonz titles like Dani Daniels DARE, Lily Carter is Irresistible, and Remy & Remy 2

1260 cover

(pictured: Lily Carter’s star showcase Irresistible – buy it here… because it’s irresistible)

…but Wicked Pictures (Lisa Ann!!), New Sensations (Bonnie Rotten), and Jules Jordan (Asa Akira) among others also crush it with this particular star showcase form.

And sometimes, they’re “best of”s – a collection of past scenes highlighting a performer’s prowess over the years – think Deep Inside Jenna Jameson or The Best of Brianna Banks, for example.

Star showcases are generally produced by only one company, thus you’re getting your favorite star within the confines of one particular producer’s vision. This is always true of star showcases featuring new content (ie Irresistible). But sometimes, when a distributor or producer buys up others’ content catalogues, you can get the star showcase “best of” form with scenes from different studios. This is an interesting way to see your favorite star through the eyes of several different company lenses.

Regardless of form though, star showcases are always the property of the producers or distributors. For new scene star showcases, performers get paid their going day rates; for “best of”s, the star showcase is simply repurposed content – found money for the producer/distributor, with no additional return for the performers.

These ways of handling and repurposing content are not exceptional, nor are they much different from the way creative content is handled in some other industries. For example, when I publish a study with X academic journal, I sign ownership of my work over to whomever owns that journal. Interestingly, unlike porn performers, I don’t get the academic equivalent of a day rate for said publication. It’s all just given away out of the goodness of my heart. These journals can then repurpose my work into textbooks and collections at will. At no point in this process do I ever see a dime.

In many respects, this is totally fucked. But it’s also just kinda the way it works… until now.

Enter Monarchy Distribution.

Monarchy Distribution’s owner/leader Mike Kulich is endlessly fascinating. In the recent past, Mike has taken several all but “dead” dimensions of adult content production and created… badassery. He’s a hustler and a visionary setting new standards in adult today – you can learn more about him and listen to the interview he did with PVV right here. A word of caution though: listening to Mike will make you feel lazy.


Anyway, recently this happened:

Monarchy Gives Back to Performers; Launches Showcase Studios

LOS ANGELES – It is a known fact that in the adult business there is little to no profit sharing programs for performers and definitely no residuals like our mainstream counterpart. Monarchy Distribution is looking to change that and has created Showcase Studios, a new division with the goal of putting content back into the hands of performers.

With the massive amount of content owned by Monarchy as well as the vast amount of licensing contracts that Monarchy has made with internet content providers and other studios, it helms one of the largest catalogs in the adult industry.

Showcase Studios goal is to enable an adult performer to effectively brand themselves with their own Showcase DVD.

Performers are able to sit with Monarchy and view a vast array of footage featuring themselves that they have shot throughout their career. Working with the Monarchy production department, they are able to choose their favorite scenes and put them into one showcase DVD.

Monarchy has set a low all inclusive per piece price for these custom videos. Girls can take the DVDs and sell them to their fans and generate revenue off content they have already shot for other companies but do not own the rights to.

So let’s just recap…

Monarchy owns a ton of content from a bunch of different studios. Via their new Showcase Studios project, they will pool that content by performer, creating custom comps for a particular star. The star in question can then buy product (units of DVD) at a low price, which they can then turn around and sell directly to their fans.

OK, but how is a Showcase Studios title different from a traditional “best of” comp culled from a broad catalogue collection? Further, how is this different from a performer buying units of any other random title they’ve starred in, then in turn selling it directly to their fans..?

First – customizability, all the way.

The idea that a performer can create their own Showcase Studios project is extremely unique and important. Performers are able to craft an image or message that meets their current needs via work they’ve already done. They’re able to connect feedback from their fans with a body of work that may be difficult (if not impossible) to access otherwise… and make money doing so. In the right context, this could be extremely powerful.

Further, Monarchy will NOT be selling titles from the Showcase Studios line, nor will they be distributing them elsewhere. Folks can only get these titles by buying directly from the performers. Consequently, performers will not be competing with by distributors to sell their wares. These titles are unique and special to the stars they are showcasing – amazing!!

Kiki Daire is Showcase Studio’s first featured performer. Her DVD features five scenes ranging from her early years in the business to her recently shot content. According to Kiki: “Showcase Studios is an incredible idea because it brings all your content together and gives the fans exactly what they want: A full DVD with scenes that they would have to look all over the place to find, all on one disc.”

Showcase Studios is a new way to hustle, which I love.

Kiki Daire

(pictured: The Ultimate Kiki Daire Collection, available only from Kiki herself!! @kiki_daire)

If you’re a performer and interested in creating a Showcase DVD, contact Mike Kulich at mike@monarchydistribution.com. You can follow him on Twitter at @xxxmonarchy.

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