PVV – some thoughts on sex depiction trends and Reality Blue Media’s Beggin’ For A Peggin’ (2011)

This year’s AVN Awards have come and gone, leaving winners basking in their newfound glory and reveling in the career, sales, and/or clout bump such recognition provides.

AVN gives out awards in many categories each year, some “obvious” (like “Best Actress” and “Best Screenplay”) and some very industry specific (think “Best MILF Series” and “Best Three-Way Sex Scene”… one award for every possible combination) – pretty much anything you can imagine!! A list of this year’s categories and nominees can be found here.

One AVN Award category I find especially interesting is that of “Clever Title of the Year.” Sometimes funny, oftentimes in poor taste, and occasionally kinda mean, these titles are generally not the best releases in any one category… they just have catchy monikers. The noms for this year were:


(pictured: section of the AVN Award, 2012 nominations listing)

See what I mean?!!

Anyway, the winner for this year was not I Want You to Make My Mouth Pregnant or Bust A Nut or Die Tryin’ …nor was it Sweaty College Girl Butt Stinky Panties (is that really clever?)

It was Beggin’ For A Peggin’ (2011) from Reality Blue Media.

Now, unlike what I stated above, Beggin’ is not an all clever/no substance title. It also won the award for “Best Fem-Dom Strap-On Release” – dang!! Given all that, I just had to check it out. Here’s some copy:

“As the Urban Dictionary describes it, pegging is the sexual scenario in which ‘the tables are voluntarily turned on heterosexual anal intercourse and the female services the man with a strap-on dildo.’ And while pegging has been a part of popular culture since Gore Vidal wrote about it in ‘Myra Breckinridge,’ you can now see it performed by some of adult entertainment’s hottest stars in the taboo-bustin’ new Reality Blue Media release Beggin’ For A Peggin’. The ladies include such luminaries as AVN and XRCO Hall Of Fame inductee Francesca Le and CAVR Star Of The Year Kristina Rose. They’re joined by AVN award winner Aiden Starr, XBIZ and Nightmoves Best New Starlet Chanel Preston, and leggy brunette Jewels Jade. These lusty ladies slip into an array of formidable dildos to administer powerful drillings to the likes of Christian, Gabriel, Tom Moore and Jason Katana. Once you see what these girls can deliver, you’ll be Beggin’ For A Peggin’ too!” (sic, originally here)



Whomever wrote that text is indeed correct – pegging has been around for a long time (Myra Breckinridge was written in 1968, so for at least that long), and you can find pegging scenes in the earliest professional adult content productions. Case in point: The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1975) has a pegging scene wherein the Misty character has her male partner’s needs… pegged.

But even though pegging started out strong in adult, it seemed to obscure quickly. When I was writing about Misty Beethoven in my paper “From The Devil in Miss Jones to DMJ6 – power, inequality, and consistency in the content of US adult films” (2010), I had a hard time figuring out what pegging was actually even called…

(keep in mind how long it takes to publish a peer-reviewed, scholarly paper – something that came out in 2010 was being written in 2006/2007, and the pegging genre hadn’t quite resurged then)

…whatsmore, “pegging” is not even referred to in that “DMJ6” paper of mine. When I was doing the research and writing (2006/2007), the nomenclature had become so obscure that I couldn’t find a citation or attribution considered “legitimate” enough to hold water in an academic paper. So I describe the pegging that occurs in Misty Beethoven, but the term itself is not present. It was edited out during the peer-review process.

(so many frustrating frustrations are epitomized in this example – gah!! breathe… breathe…)

But pegging does exist!! It always has. And even though you may not have seen much pegging in mainstream or even kinda fringy adult content during the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s, pegging is making a major comeback today. Case in point: the aforementioned Beggin’ For A Peggin’ (2011).

In the film, “her fantasy becomes his reality…” Beggin’ For A Peggin’ features five pretty big deal women performers (a sure sign of mainstreaming) pegging five dudes, respectively.

The pairings are as follows: Francesca Le with Christian XXX; Jewels Jade with Gabriel D’Alessandro; Aiden Starr with Tom Moore; Chanel Preston with Jason Katana; and Kristina Rose with Christian XXX (again). In each scene, we get a little somewhat-forced-and-kinda-awkward fem-dommey play (which is understandable – fem-domme is not any of these women’s foremost forte), some traditional fucking, and then the pegging. The dudes are super happy. It’s uplifting!!

Beggin’ for a Peggin’ also features a fairly hott girl-girl bonus scene wherein cheer bunny Gracie Glam gets her undercarriage worked by a tough lady mechanic. It’s a nice extra, but the real socio-nerd fun happens during Beggin’‘s (how do you make that word possessive??) BTS footage. Filmmakers interview some of the peggin’ gals about what it’s like to fuck a dude with a strap-on, in some instances, for the very first time – it’s fascinating!!

AVN’s “Clever Title of the Year” award, Beggin’ For a Peggin’ and its “Best Fem-Dom Strap-On Release” win, and my own challenged and somewhat stunted experience exploring this genre academically have really got me to thinking about changing trends in sex depictions, what’s “popular,” what’s mainstream and “acceptable,” and everything in between.

I have been stockpiling pegging titles for years now – it might be time to bust them out and explore further… or die tryin’ ;)

(pictured: just because… Bust A Nut or Die Tryin’ (2011) here)

* * *


Beggin’ for a Peggin’ features pegging performances from Aiden Starr, Chanel Preston, Francesca Le, Jewels Jade, and Kristina Rose. Christian XXX, Gabriel D’Alessandro, Jason Katana, and Tom Moore are the lucky recipients.

Reality Blue Media’s Beggin’ for a Peggin’ was directed by Mike Adams (as Anton Slayer). It released in May, 2011. Buy yours here.

Reality Blue Media is a subsidiary and affiliate of Vouyer Media.

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