PVV – social media, why are you so good? (part one)

I recently received a question about adult performers and social media. In a nutshell:

“When I look at most models, actresses, and singers in mainstream, I find that I know very little about the person. Many A-listers don’t have an account on Twitter or Facebook, and if they do it’s usually maintained by an assistant or a PR firm simply telling you where to find them next (movie, CD, magazine cover, etc).

But when I look into the adult industry, it’s a completely different story – they’re ALL on social media. Many award-winning XXX actresses take the time to tweet and interact with fans every single day. In many cases, they have just as many (or more!!) followers as mainstream actresses do and they certainly have more than their fair share of trolls and haters to sift through… but they all seem to take the time to go the extra mile for fans and followers.

So, when it comes to social media and interacting with their fans, are adult actresses ahead of the curve? Are these ladies being more intimate with their fan base simply because what they do on camera is more intimate to begin with? Or do they simply know something that the mainstream actresses don’t?”

I had (have) some speculations as to why we see this dynamic between mainstream actresses and women adult performers, but I figured why not ask the people who actually know… so I did!!

I posed the above quoted statement and questions verbatim to several folks; and, in almost proving the underlying point, I got back quite a few insightful responses… so many in fact that we’re gonna have to do this in a couple installments!!

Today, enjoy insights from jessica drake, Tanya Tate, Skin Diamond, and Alia Janine.


jessica drake

“I think it’s a few things, actually. I was introduced to Twitter before it really caught on, and I thought that it was another really great way for me to be accessible. All throughout my career, I have built up an amazing fan base and continue to establish a rapport with people who are true fans, and this attention that I give them is something that cannot be pirated. I love giving back, and I also enjoy getting feedback on my product – movies I star in, AND movies I direct. It’s also a great way to promote my personal appearances.

What’s incredible to me are the many countries I see represented on my timeline. Even though I’m thousands and thousands of miles away from them, it’s nice to know I can still reach out to them and share a little piece of my world.

As far as Big and bacon and all my other little quirky details, I’m pretty much the same way everywhere – on camera, on Twitter, in real life, at work, at home. I like to give people a taste of my personality. If that makes them like me or relate to me more, awesome!

ps – there are MANY mainstream celebs that do it too, I follow a few, and it’s usually easy to tell if it’s really them. President Obama follows me ;) ”

(fyi: Big is the name of jessica’s little dog)

Follow jessica on Twitter at @thejessicadrake.

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Tanya Tate

“From reaching out to my fans through social media, such as my Twitter and Facebook page, and running my own members’ website, I know that my fans want to see more of me as a person. They want to know what a day is like in the life of Tanya Tate, what do I do when I am not shooting adult movies, how do I spend my spare time, etc. I enjoy being accessible to my fans – I get to interact with them, let them see a side of me not on camera, and get their feedback on my work. Some fans are really sweet too. After all, it is my fans that got me where I am.”

Follow Tanya on Twitter at @TanyaTate.

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Skin Diamond

“I think that especially in this day and age where piracy is the norm, it is extremely important for us adult actresses to get to know our fans on a personal level. In my experience, my biggest fans that I talk to all the time are the ones that will actually BUY my work instead of stealing it! I also think that when it comes to wanting to be more mainstream, if you interact more on the web, then you will acquire more fans and more ‘regular’ people will know who you are instead of just the die-hard porn fans!”

Follow Skin on Twitter at @Skin_Diamond.


Alia Janine

“Many adult actresses don’t have the international PR force that mainstream actresses and musicians have. [Consequently], even if it’s a bad [mainstream] movie/song, it’s still reaching the masses.

There’re so many adult performers and movies now that social media is one of the best ways to reach people that the movies/sites maybe don’t… Even if someone isn’t a fan of porn per se, they can become a fan of that performer because of a funny Tweet or a flyer for a party on Facebook… thus, one of the reasons adult performers tend to be more inmate with their fans.

It’s a great way to get people to buy your latest movies, things off the infamous wishlists, and other merchandise. Retweeting/commenting on a Tweet or another post somewhere else keeps fans interested and gets new ones. It’s a great way to market yourself if you do it the right way.”

Follow Alia on Twitter at @Alia_Janine.

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This question and series of responses was inspired by Chris Weiler – you can thank him on Twitter at @yman173.

Candid pics from Twitter and Tumblr.

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