PVV – #SexTalkTuesday

I just got to do something really interesting and fun – I was a guest moderator for Sssh.com’s “Sex Talk Tuesday” twitter chat!!

A twitter chat is when a bunch of folks get together to discuss a specific topic or series of questions in their public timelines. Everyone tags their relevant posts with a pre-determined hashtag (ie #examplehashtag). The presence of the hashtag will then collect the tweets such that readers, observers, and chatters can follow everyone contributing to the conversation. They can also chime in themselves at any time.

Sssh.com recently started Sex Talk Tuesdays – twitter chats under the hashtag #SexTalkTuesday to be held on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. And just a few hours ago, I got to guest moderate their inaugural event!!

It was exciting :)

I compiled a few questions beforehand, and the folks from Sssh.com had some suggestions of their own. I then spent over an hour on twitter (from 1 pm PST to a little after 2), posing questions and responding to folks I knew, as well as chatting it up with all sorts of new people – it was super fun, though there was absolutely no way to get to responding to ALL the insights and observations people had to share.

In case you missed it, here’s the archive: http://storify.com/SexTalkTuesday/sextalktuesday-3-5

(because a hashtag is dynamic, #SexTalkTuesday will always be changing in twitter… the link above will take you to the permanent archive for the 3/5/13 chat I guest moderated though)


If you ever learn about a twitter chat you want to check out and/or participate in, just figure out the official hashtag. You can then go to that hashtag in twitter to participate (or just follow along). It’s a fun, quick way to get some interesting insights… well, at least #SexTalkTuesday was/is!!

Come join the fun on twitter:

@ssshforwomen and @sextalktuesday

and me ——-> @drchauntelle


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