PVV – Screener Surprise!!

Every week, I get more and more porn.

Screeners come in the mail, PR people send me special access to VOD content, and webmasters send passwords in the hopes that I will review whatever site they’re in control of.  I also get all sorts of nifty little marketing goodies – from 30 free minutes of whatever here to t-shirts and tank tops there. One time I even got a cowboy hat… and some Post-its… and a mug… and a squirt gun… and a compact. You get the idea.

It’s a lot to keep up with, so I recently developed a few genius tactics to aide me in processing (and, honestly, moving) more of this material.  One of those ideas is Screener Surprise!!

PVV will now be holding a monthly “contest” of sorts. You, dear reader, may email me a brief statement expressing why you just luuuv PVV. Then, on the first day of every month, I will select my favorite message. That “winner” will then get a selection of pristine and beautiful adult film screeners and/or whatnot in the mail compliments of Dr. Chauntelle – Surprise!!

This is what you need to do:

1. email me a brief statement expressing why you like (luuuv!!) PVV.

2. tell me, very briefly, what kind of content you would prefer (studio, talent, genre or film form, etc). Although I can’t promise anything specific, I will attempt to send you stuff that you like.

3. include your name and address (so I can mail you your goods if your statement is chosen – don’t worry, I’m super trustworthy).

4. provide me with a nickname or pseudonym that you won’t mind being referred to as. I am going to post the winning statement up on PVV each month, but I will not connect it to your real name (unless that’s what you want).

5. …and then sit back and wait – you may be getting a little surprise in the mail ;)

Hereafter, there will be a new Screener Surprise winner announced on the first of every month, aaand some months will be *themed* (ie Screener Surprise from XXX Company or featuring XXX performer) – eeeyahh!!

And aside from the whole surprise thing, the best thing about this little monthly give away is this: if you do currently view free (read: most likely pirated/stolen) adult content online, this may encourage you to refrain… at least for a while, right?

Here’s the thing. Like every other commercial industry, adult producers and performers work to create a product; and, as consumers, we need to pay for that product… just like we need to pay for our cars, clothes, yoga classes, nifty computer stuff, etc etc.

But for various reasons, free (read: most likely pirated/stolen) adult content has gotten very easy to access via the interwebs. Not surprisingly, this has had a significant negative impact on adult producers’ profitability and sustainability.

Now, I could go on and on about how the vast majority of adult producers are small business owners who cannot exactly afford to absorb these losses or about how, since most porn tube sites are run outside the US and are thus beyond the jurisdiction of US law, the people who may eventually be held responsible for all this thievery are the end users (read: you)… or you could just read about all that here.

What you really need to know about Screener Surprise is this: years and years worth of ridiculous amounts of scholarship and research done by yours truly have “paid” for these screeners. In turn, they are my “thank you” to you, dear reader, and my own little attempt to help the industry take a stand against piracy.

So get to emailing, bebes!! You never know what you may get ;)

* winners announced on the first of every month, selected at my/Dr. Chauntelle’s discretion

* screeners/”prizes” selected at my/Dr. Chauntelle’s discretion

* winning statements will be posted anonymously on PVVOnline

* please make sure you complete steps 1-4 listed above – I cannot give you porn unless you complete all parts of the assignment!!

…and just for fun, two PSA’s by Michael Whiteacre for Free Speech Coalition (FSC)

All Star

…and featuring the adorable Charlie Laine