PVV Review(ish) – Girlfriends Films’ All Natural Glamour Solos (2011)

Recently, something striking came in the mail – Girlfriends Films’ All Natural Glamour Solos (2011).

Before I even watched it, I noticed many significant things about this collection of solo scenes; and viewing them made the whole shebang even more compelling. Let me explain…

glamour – all the girls in this film were genre-appropriately glammy glam with pretty hair, cute/hott/sexy outfits (for the most part), fantastic dramatic shoes, and excellent make up. Rawr!!

a gaggle of solo scenes – fifteen (15!!) solo scenes may sound a little tedious, but there was actually a fair amount of variety present here. From the biggest of big time current performers (Tori Black, who managed to make a pretty pink bra and panty set look super dirty)… to some more eclectic beauties… to the adorably coltish and slightly awkward younger performers, you get to see a lot. Moreover, the scenes were shot in a variety of locations, ranging from luxurious to cute and comfy, indoors and out. Capri Anderson’s oceanfront balcony be-goldened scene really stands out.

Girlfriends Films – as you all should know by now, I just love Girlfriends Films. And considering their tireless efforts in support of industry rights and performer advocacy, their creative high-quality productions and perks, and the fact that the company is run by some of the nicest folks around, what’s not to love?

(I substantiate some of this gush here)

Tammy Sands – Tammy Sands is a well-loved and well-respected erotic photographer. She is also the creative force behind Glamour Solos. She directed the scenes and did all the still photography, which alone are worth the price of admission.

And finally…

All Natural” – …aaand here’s my sticking point. (you knew it was coming, right?)

(pictured: all natural… buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

This phrase “all natural” is integral to this film – it’s even part of the title, presumably a referent to the “all natural”ness of the performers therein. But what does that mean?

…because there’s nothing literally “all natural” about most of the girls in Glamour Solos.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to make a nit-picky point about the seemingly oxymoronic juxtaposition of “all natural” and “glamour” in the title. A little bit of less-than-natural gussying seems integral to the very concept of glamour, however I will refrain from waxing on and on about how all the luxurious manes and fantastic manicures present in the film seem to necessarily indicate “unnatural”… because that’s totally not even my point.

The thing I’m most compelled by regarding this idea of “all natural,” which you see quite often these days in a wide variety of adult content genres, is simply this: where does “natural” end and “unnatural” begin?

Is it with constructed glamour, like hair and nails and make up and stuff? Or is it with piercings? Which kind? Where? Or is it with tattoos? Which kind? Where?

Call me wacky, but it seems like the contemporary consensus maintains that “natural” ends with more significant body modifications, perhaps with things that are more surgically invasive… which brings us to the politics of body modification and ideas of “naturalness” on an even deeper level.

What sorts of (relatively significant?) modifications render someone “un/natural”? And do these “un/natural” lines operate in the same way for every person? For every body? For and within every community? My sense is no, they most certainly do not.

I’ve been mulling over these questions and this overall issue a lot lately (long before Glamour Solos, truth be told), and I’ve started and stopped and restarted and stopped writing about this for a long while…

Because it seems like there’s a big divide developing, a divide between the (perceived) “natural” and the (perceived) “unnatural.” Or maybe the divide has been around for a long time? Perhaps it’s just recently been changing shape… or something.

Regardless, there’s at least one big problem with divides (perceived or otherwise) – they’re divisive.

But I’ll go ahead and stop being Ms. Serious Killjoy Buzz Crusher (at least for now)… Girlfriends Films’ All Natural Glamour Solos is excellent. Food for hottness, and hott food for thought – it’s what Girlfriends Films does best.


Recommended for: fans of stylized, solo girl content. Definitely not for Capri haters, because her scene steals the show (sorry).



With performances from cover girl Bree Daniels, Alexis Ford, Capri Anderson, Dani Daniels, Georgia Jones, Jana Jordan, Jelena Jensen, Kasey Chase, Kiara Diane, Ryan Keely, Shyla Jennings, Tiffany Thompson, Valerie Rios, and Zoe.

Directed and photographed by Tammy Sands for Girlfriends Films. All Natural Glamour Solos was produced in 2010, however it released in July, 2011. Buy your copy and/or watch it now here.


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