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Very rarely do I see things that floor me…

Well, that’s not entirely true – I saw POPPORN.com’s Man Vs. Pussy (2011) just last week (review of this amazing movie –> here), so let me begin again…

Very rarely do I see things that immediately make me sit up and take notice, and even more infrequently do I see previews of adult films that make me go: ” I must -absolutely must – see that.”

But today I saw the Kubrick-esque teaser trailer for Elegant Angel‘s soon-to-be-released film Portrait of a Call Girl, and yeah – I gotta see this one. I found the trailer for this movie so captivating that I had to download it… and then upload it (not easy for the computer inept!!)… and then post it here for all of you to see.

Check it out, but be forewarned – this trailer is neither gentle nor SFW!! And I’m gonna go ahead and predict that the final cut of this film will most certainly not be for porn amateurs or the faint of heart.


(you went “dang,” didn’t you?)

Some things:

1. Here is some exposition on the film that was in AVN: “The movie, which stars Jessie Andrews, tells the story of a young woman who takes an emotional journey through a series of sexual experiences. The production features a vast array of beautiful locations, and a range of intense sexual scenarios. Written and directed by Graham Travis, with Patrick Collins the executive producer, the crew consisted of camera operators Mason and Carlos Dee, Alex Ladd providing lighting and Bruce Carter the sound recording.” (full text here)

2. Elegant Angel productions are generally excellent. As I recently told Jon Catt in an interview for LukeIsBack.com (here), their film Buttwoman Vs Slutwoman (2010) is one of the more noteworthy bits of modern adult content that I’ve seen. But, although they do occasionally produce “features” [Pornstar Superheroes (2010) is one such example], most of their glam-gonzy* content hovers around things like Anal Workout, Busty Lifeguards, Big Wet Asses/Tits, and various iterations of “Insatiable” and “Unleashed.”

Features are not generally what they do; but on the basis of the trailer alone, this film looks amazing.

3. The subject matter (prostitution), the way Elegant Angel appears to be portraying it [just guessing here, but perhaps a bit more “gritty-ly,” hence realistically, than Pretty Woman (1990), Night Shift (1982), or even The Girlfriend Experience (2009) did], and who they have cast as the lead (Jessie Andrews, who is absolutely adorable, yet extremely young looking… even for her current age) are likely gonna raise some eyebrows.

Sadly, rather than acknowledging the bold risks that must necessarily be taken by adult producers and performers in order to engage a distinctly different realm of sex work… and/or rather than appreciating the enhanced awareness that may come from not trivializing and/or glamorizing prostitution in a Hollywood-type way… and/or rather than ignoring the fact that many different sorts of folks perform prostitution sex work for many different reasons (why is Jessie Andrews’ character a “call girl”? why did she get in that line of work? and how is the story in Portrait of a Call Girl both unique and representative of others’?), particular critics may see this film as nothing more than a glamorization of sexual exploitation.

And maybe this film is going to do all that (and more??)… but at this moment, I highly doubt it.

What do you think?

On the basis of the trailer alone, I want to see Portrait of a Call Girl. On the basis of Elegant Angel’s reputation and where it seems like this film may fall in the wider cultural landscape, I really really want to watch it. How long ’til this thing streets??

* “glam-gonz” is an excellent and clever characterization from the mind of MF – it is not mine, but I love it!!

Elegant Angel’s website here and blog here.

Examples of more typical Elegant Angel box covers – “Big Wet Whatever Whatever”s (just because):



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