PVV – Piracy Stripped Down!!

Not to beat a dead horse, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned how truly reprehensible I think internet piracy of adult content is lately…

(actually, I was totally talking about this with JC early today… and we were also talking about Jersey Score, or “the gay ‘Jersey Shore,'” but that’s neither here nor there)

…but luckily, even though I refrain from constantly reminding you all to NOT steal your porn, there’re others out there that work to combat internet piracy on a daily basis!!

Today, I was heartened to learn that adult content producer and provider Pink Visual‘s lead in-house council Jessica Pena will be moderating a panel at the Entertainment, Sports, and Intellectual Property Law Conference (ES/IP) in Cabo San Lucas, BCS later this week. From the relevant PR:

“Entitled ‘Piracy Stripped Down: How the Adult Industry is Putting Copyright Infringement to Bed,’ the [panel] will delve into both the unique challenges the adult entertainment industry faces in combating piracy and the potential for collaboration between adult and mainstream entertainment entities in crafting effective anti-piracy strategies.

‘In some ways, the mainstream entertainment space is way ahead of the adult sector in terms of how it fights piracy,’ Pena said. ‘Having said that, there are some interesting anti-piracy approaches that adult rights-holders are taking, so my goal is to encourage the minds from both sectors to come together and share ideas that will create even more effective strategies’…

…’I am honored to present such a knowledgeable group of panelists, and I’m confident that the presentation will be well received and insightful,’ [someone, who was presumably Pena, continued].

The panel will address a range of intellectual property-related issues, including the scope of the immunity offered to Internet Service Providers under 47 U.S.C. §230; 17 U.S.C. §512(i)(b), which covers the conditions for eligibility for ‘safe harbor’ under the DMCA; the ins and outs of end-user litigation; and various intellectual property issues pertaining to the creation and operation of .XXX as a top-level domain.

Pena said that the panel’s presentation is designed to be ‘fun and even a bit sexy’ in addition to providing an abundance of information.”

Sweet!! It makes me really happy to know that folks like Pink Visual and Jessica Pena are on the anti-piracy case day after day… because stealing is wrong!! (just sayin’)

Here’s the trailer from Jet Set Men’s Jersey Score (2010) – watching this trailer IS NOT stealing and is therefore highly encouraged :)



More on internet piracy (and why Dr. Chauntelle disapproves of it – sorry!!) here.

Contact Pink Visual at 1.866.360.PINK or email them at Press@PinkVisual.com. You can also follow Pink Visual on twitter at @pinkvisual, and there’s a little bit more about Jersey Score (2010) here.

(pictured: Jersey SCORE!!!!!)

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