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Some press releases are worth reprinting verbatim. This is one such release.

According to the FSC, Patient Alpha (who I have previously referred to as Person A) has been tested at an APHSS-affiliated facility. Patient Alpha’s test has come back negative for HIV; presumably then, the initial test was a false positive. According to the FSC, it is appropriate to recommence production. Here is the FSC’s announcement in full:

“Free Speech Coalition (FSC) announced today some important news for the industry. An HIV test for ‘Patient Alpha,’ administered by an APHSS.org testing facility, has been returned with negative results.

Recognizing the importance of accurate information being presented to the industry and media, FSC stresses that while test results indicate a negative result for the patient, follow-up testing is appropriate in this case.

‘This is good news for the primary patient, the industry will continue to be abundantly cautious as we try to nail down the reasons for what now appears to have been a false positive result on a previous test,’ FSC Executive Director Diane Duke said. ‘After discussion with our medical expert, he has advised that it would be appropriate for production to resume and the focus of attention brought to those who had worked with the performer. That group is already receiving care.

‘FSC/APHSS.org will narrow the circle of caution to focus our concern on the group of people who had worked with the performer,’ Duke continued. ‘Our prayers and utmost empathy go out to the performer in what has been a very difficult period.’

FSC called for an industry-wide precautionary moratorium on production last Sunday, after reports of a preliminary HIV positive test result for an adult performer in Florida. The performer in question and the adult industry were demonized as rumors and misinformation spread like wildfire. But recent developments imply that industry standards are working.

Duke continued, ‘Industry self-regulation and best practices are alive and well in the adult entertainment industry – and they work. We fully understand that it is vitally important for the adult performers have a place to go that is safe, trusted and transparent.'”

The FSC’s statement was originally released here. This statement has been reprinted repeatedly in the adult media. AP’s break of the story is here.

This is good news on multiple levels, but the questions remain… Where did the false positive come from (if that makes sense)? And what implications will this incident have on adult performers and production? And what about the associated Circus of Events that has been going on this past week? …Because all that smacks of something far more nefarious than I care to speculate on at this moment.

PVV’s original discussion of this issue here.

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