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The editors at AVN recently asked me (and a bunch of other widely varied individuals) to weigh in re a sex toy “wish list” and future forecasting trends.

To wit: This story is taken from the October, 2013 issue of AVN magazine, where we asked 10 sexperts to talk about future trends that they would like to see in the pleasure product industry. Each shared some interesting thoughts.

Many folks weighed in about types and designs of toys (fascinating!!) …however, maybe because I’m not exactly a “sexpert,” my response had more to do with education and accessibility – enjoy!!

From what I can tell, it seems like there’s an ever-developing number of great (and not so great) toys out there, all working toward meeting an array of interests and needs—fantastic!

Coming from a sociological perspective though, what I would like to see is more clarity and disclosure in sex toy advertising, marketing, and manufacturing. For example, I recently learned that a toy can be up to 10 percent phthalates and still claim to be “phthalate-free.” And what’s a phthalate anyway? Why should consumers care about them? Beyond industry experts (and folks who work with plastics), I don’t think this is common knowledge … and yet, the use of adult novelties is becoming more and more commonplace every day, as is the mainstreaming of sex toys.

If I had one wish, there would be a clear, accurate, and reputable source to explain sex toy basics to consumers—a sort of encyclopedia, something accessible enough for newcomers and informed enough for connoisseurs. Perhaps a collaborative, not-for-profit effort from sex educators and toy manufacturers… That would be amazing! (here)

Read it for yourself at AVN right –> here!!

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