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Well, go buy a lottery ticket lovers because pigs are flyin’ today – the day has come where I’m gonna have to go ahead and say: “Good call, Manwin!!”

Good call, Manwin… (meh)

…because I just read this:

LUXEMBOURG—Brazzers parent company Manwin has terminated the rough sex themed website PorstarsPunishment.com.

An announcement issued today by Manwin said the site had been shuttered with the intent of ‘keeping in line with the growth and direction Manwin would like its brands to take.’ It went on to describe that direction as one marked by ‘high end adult production that appeal[s] to a global audience.’

‘The acquisition of Twistys, licensing agreement with Playboy Enterprises, and launch of Babes.com all embrace the high glamour niche we’re targeting,’ Manin vice president of production Frank L. said. ‘If you’ve been paying attention to the brands we’re highlighting, the termination of Pornstars Punishment should come as no surprise.’

[blah blah, something about affiliates]

In addition, members of PornstarsPunishment.com will be offered a free membership to another Manwin-owned network of their choice. (text originally here)

I realize that you can’t put apostrophes in URLs (though you can put them pretty much everywhere else), but that minor detail has nothing to do with why I feel the shuttering of PornstarsPunishment.com is a good idea. Let me explain…

(pictured: PP2)

First off, for the sake of full disclosure, I have to admit: I personally don’t care for anything in this line. In spite of some differences and myriad similarities, each scene is just a little too mean-spirited for me. Further, it’s worth noting that I’m basing my assessment of Pornstars Punishment on the DVD collections Pornstars Punishment 2 (2010) and Pornstars Punishment 3 (2011) only. I have not seen installments 1, 4, 5, or 6, nor have I been inside PornstarsPunishment.com. Regardless, I’m ok with relying on 2 and 3 as representative of the whole shebang.

Anyway: “Time for Punishment! When bitches go bad they need to get punished!”

Even pornstars step out of line and when they do, its time for the pornstar punisher to step in and restore order. These sexy sluts have been very bad and the only fitting punishment for them is a hardcore fucking dished out by the punisher. The special pornstar punishment treatment involves hair pulling, butt fucking, spanking bondage and a lot more. Watch as these sexy pornstars get their ass holes stretched by the pornstar punishers big hard dick at PornstarsPunishment.com [sic from pornstarspunishment.com on 7/17/12]


Here’s the thing – lots of people like rough sex, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with rough sex between consenting adults. Further, lots of people like role playing, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the “I’m so sorry/You’re gonna get it now!!” game (also, between consenting adults). And porn, as I’ve said countless times before, is not designed or intended to be a reflection of real life – these Pornstars Punishment scenarios are no more “real” than the adorably sweet ones found in the latest adult romance title and/or mainstream movie. Finally, lots of people enjoy watching depictions of rough sex; and, as long as these depictions are enacted by consenting adults, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that either.

The very rough sex depiction-based Pornstars Punishment line, however, runs into issues at the moment where rough sex and the temporal disconnect surrounding punishment and “punishment” collide. Consider…

Are porn performers/”pornstars” themselves being punished here (as the text above alludes – “Even pornstars step out of line…”), or are these fantasy scenarios that involve rough sex? Because running alongside text similar to what’s already been quoted are scene descriptors like:


Example Scenario 1 (from PP3): “Bridgette is a corrupt prison guard who likes to sexually abuse the inmates. When things go too far, two prisoners tear up her ass instead.”

FYI: In real life, Bridgette B is a porn performer, not a prison guard (corrupt or otherwise).


Example Scenario 2 (from PP2): “Mason is always being warned to dress less slutty at work. When her company loses a big client because of the way she is dressed, her boss makes her pay.”

FYI: In real life, Mason Moore is a porn performer, not an office worker (sluttily dressed or otherwise).


(pictured: PP3)

So again – are we looking at fantasy scenarios involving rough sex, or are we watching porn performers getting punished? Though ideally this distinction would be perfectly clear, it’s actually super ambiguous in Pornstars Punishment.

In my view, instead of the carnal, artistic, erotic, and/or BDSM dimensions that accompany other pornographic depictions with a comparably rough sex tenor, Pornstars Punishment is simply rough sex for the sake of making a cringe-worthy mess - ridiculous scenarios wherein emasculated dudes seek revenge on the chics that have somehow “wronged” them. Inmates have been forced to lick too much guard pussy!! Mason’s boss has been embarrassed by his wardrobe-challenged underling for the last time!! (why not just fire her?) Eva plays two dudes at once, Rachel steals Scott’s jokes, Krissy stands Scott up (Scott gets walked on by lots of chics), Shyla is banging her ex-husband’s boss… blah blah blah.

Though assessing and/or determining what’s desirable to another person is absolutely not up to me, I think Pornstars Punishment sends a message that is both negative and unclear – it’s super rough sex set up in revenge scenarios. In general, revenge sex seems a little unsavory to me; but “I’ll teach you” revenge sex because you lose your boyish temper and/or are embarrassed is extra unsavory. And this is precisely where we drift into unclear territory with this particular line.

Why not just have some hair-pulling and ass-slamming without all the meanness? And if your boy-feelings are so badly hurt because Jenna didn’t clean your house or Alanah swindled your cash… well, maybe you have other issues you need to work on?

Pornstars Punishment is the type of content that people who love to hate adult cherry pick and say “Look!! This is what porn is!!” It’s not, not even close. And though I certainly respect everyone’s right to produce, view, and perform in it, Pornstars Punishment is kind of like the unsafe and shitty Edsel – unnecessary.

So, for whatever reason actually motivated you to do it, nice call Manwin.

(pictured: PP6)

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If you’re interested in rougher content that seems a little more reasonable and responsible to this sociologist, try titles from Severe Society Films, Evil Angel, and/or Elegant Angel.

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