PVV – new research, actual examples (part two!!)

Scholarship – it never ends…

I was recently asked to write a paper about trends in US adult content production, consumption, and distribution for the inaugural issue of Routledge’s Porn Studies journal – the “work” part is done (for now), and I’m currently waiting for page proofs from the copyeditors. It’s super exciting!!

Anyway, one of the “trends” I discuss is the (apparent, to me) continued popularity of age-centered content. Here’s a little snippet:

The illusion of youth has been a significant theme in adult content since the 1970s, and it continues to be extremely popular today. Young girl – or “teen” – content is a genre of porn that focuses on young looking women performers. Youth is conveyed via costuming and by the actual age of the performers themselves – women who typically work in this genre are of-age teens (eighteen and nineteen years of age) or are in their early 20s. This type of content features women and men co-performers and generally seems to be marketed to heterosexual men viewers of all age groups. (see Note 1)

Young girl content is not, however, the only youth-centered genre popular today. Twink content, for example, emphasizes young looking men performers working with men and targets gay men consumers of all age groups. (see Note 2) Age-centered themes are also prevalent in lesbian content, with commonplace emphases on both young women performers and “older-younger” women couplings. (see Note 3) Another noteworthy age-centered genre is MILF/Cougar, which emphasizes (relatively) mature women performers working with women and men co-performers. Unlike teen/young girl and twink content, this genre seems to target a more diverse consumer group, including women, men, and couples of various sexual orientations.


Note 1: See for examples Lolita (2010), Innocence of Youth (series; 2012 – ongoing), and My Sexy Kittens (various series; 2006 – ongoing).

Note 2: See for example www.helixstudios.net.

Note 3: See the catalogue at www.girlfriendsfilms.com for examples.

It is important to note the development and rising popularity of “lesbian” porn. Different from both girl-girl, which seems to target heterosexual men viewers, and queer porn (see the discussion on Emerging Niches), lesbian porn producers such as Girlfriends Films create amalgamations of “realistic” lesbian sex and cinematic fantasy.

Awesome, right?!!

In addition to age-centered content, I discuss queer porn at length (beyond the mention above), TS content, variable trends in web-based content consumption, camming and live sex, features and parodies, and pegging (among many other topics). Further, I take great pains to provide an accurate contemporary conceptualization of gonzo form content. (it’s NOT a genre, people!!)

I’m also happy to get to point to current, “seen” content examples. In this paper, I discuss examples from New Sensations, Evil Angel, Wicked Pictures, Hustler, Clips4Sale, PUBA, Severe Society Films, and Pink & White Productions (among so many others). I do this in lieu of cherry-picking exceptional and/or dated content to prove a point… #justsayin


(pictured: discussion of Digital Sin’s Innocence of Youth series here; get your content here)

I’m super excited for the opportunity to share my insights and correct a series of misinformation via this paper.

The whole shebang will be available in 2014, so stay tuned – there’s way more to it than *just* this :)

For a sneak peek into my discussion of TS content, go –> here.


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