PVV – Montana “Morpheus’ daughter” Fishburne goes hardcore!!

What will Lawrence Fishburne, the late Robert Kardashain, Esq, and Hugh Hefner all have in common as of this Tuesday? Well, if you guessed “super classy daughters who are destined to win Oscars,” you’re only partially correct – Kendra Wilkinson isn’t Hef’s daughter… (jkjk!!)

But seriously, certainly by know you’ve heard the big news!!? – Lawrence Fishburne’s 19-year-old daughter Montana Fishburne, aka “Chippy D,” has made her adult film debut for Vivid/Vivid Celeb in Montana Fishburne (2010). Also featuring Brian Pumper, Montana Fishburne follows Chippy D as she gets re/loaded with a little deep cover in a car, a hotel room, and even at the mall!

Yes, that’s right – Morpheus’ daughter is a “porn star.”

Now, outside of being her father’s daughter, you may be wondering who in the heck is Montana Fishburne anyway? Does she do anything? Dance? Sing? Can she twirl a baton or paint pictures? Is it likely that she will find the cure for some currently incurable illness or develop some ground-breaking non-profit, one that finds efficient and culturally-sensitive ways to serve some currently underserved and noble population!!??

Well, as far as I can figure, the answer is no. However Montana did say that: “I view making this movie as an important first step in my career. I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape by Vivid. I’m hoping the same magic will work for me. I’m impatient about getting well-known and having more opportunities and this seemed like a great way to get started on it.” (sic)

Hmmm… Montana is modeling her career plans after Kim Kardashian (who possesses a fair share of craftiness, for sure), and she feels that this tape is an important first step towards a career in what exactly… Oh right – a career in “getting well-known.”

Now you might be thinking “Furious Styles was such a nurturing and present father! How could this have happened??!!” Well, unfortunately, those questions are irrelevant – just because Lawrence has played an excellent father, mentor, professor, police officer, and space ship captain time and time again doesn’t mean that he’s actually good at any of these things in real life.

And regardless, sometimes kids are gonna do what kids are gonna do; and no amount of quality parenting can convince a headstrong teen that approaching a major adult film production studio with a proposal to make a film that will be tagged as “an A-list daughter makes her XXX debut” is a bad idea.

Oh wait whoops!! Did I forget to mention that? Well, let me mention it now…

To my understanding, Chippy D approached Vivid with this idea, initiating the production of the film herself.  Thus, aside from (likely) deeply disappointing Othello, Montana Fishburne marks a significant corner turn in the celebrity sex tape market in at least two specific ways.

First off, consider other examples of celebrity sex tapes – the aforementioned Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson, the ever-luminous and never-annoying Paris Hilton… Jessica Sierra (tenth-place finalist on the 2005 season of “American Idol”)?… Jennifer Toof (aka “Toastee,” who was unfortunately eliminated early on from “Flavor of Love 2”)?

When you think about it like that, there are only a few actual celebrities featured in readily accessible sex tapes – Pamela Anderson, maybe Vince Neil, and maaaybe Dustin Diamond (celebrity is relative). It seems that, outside of Screech’s Dustin-sanctioned dirty sanchez, real celebrities generally attempt to do whatever they can to prevent this type of press and content from being released.

Thus, although we could probably find leaked footage of Kid Rock and Scott Stapp banging groupies “with arms wide open,” only a handful of celebrity sex tapes featuring what I would consider actual celebrities are readily available from major adult film production studios. It’s worth noting though that in some instances (with Kim and Paris, for example), once the “celebrity” in question realized there was nothing they could do to stop the tapes from being released, they were smart enough to negotiate deals with distributors to get in on a piece of their own action… so to speak.

This brings us to the second reason Chippy D’s Vivid debut is significant. The vast majority of celebrity sex tapes, be they stolen private property (poor Pam!! I love her), leaked snippets, fully sanctioned by the person featured, or crafty career ploys/moves on the part of the celebrity in question, were not professionally produced. Outside of former Miss USA and “Passions” star Kelli McCarty’s role in Vivid’s Faithless (2009) and Montana Fishburne, celebrity sex tapes generally consist of amateur produced raw camcorder-type footage. But even alongside Faithless, Montana Fishburne is a bit different. Whereas McCarty was purposefully performing in a movie-type adult film, Montana Fishburne is being pitched as a reality sex gonzo-ish type film with an emphasis on the “wildly uninhibited” Montana’s interest in “thrill sex.” So in other words, it’s an on-purpose professionally produced gonzo film featuring amateur “celebrity” talent.

Like I said, this sounds like a bad idea…

Why? you ask. Well, as I have discussed before, adult film production is an extremely stigmatized industry, both globally and in the US. If I believed that Montana was really actually super into becoming adult film talent and if I felt that she was maybe going to be able to cultivate a sustainable career by jumping in head-first at the Vivid-level, I would say go for it girl. There is no shame in working as adult film talent in my opinion; however I do not even begin to believe that my opinion is remotely reflective of the vast majority of our culture’s, nor do I believe that Montana has some sort of plan or concept for her future (outside of being well-known, of course).

Although I hope I’m wrong, I think Chippy D’s ploy to jump start “getting well-known and having more opportunities” via a little adult industry magic is naïve and grossly misguided. A previously occurring series of circumstances, individual experiences, and specific outcomes cannot be purposely duplicated. There will never be another Kim Kardashian, just like there will never be another Jenna Jameson (no, her name is not Sasha Grey… that girl has got her own thing going on). And even if such style biting was possible, Montana is not going about it the way others have. She’s not taking the steps generally required to cultivate a career as talent (VividCeleb is not the same as being a Vivid contract girl or even being filler talent in a Vivid movie), nor is she experiencing the accidental (but maybe sometimes on purpose) path that say Kim or Paris did. Now, herein may lie her shtick, but I doubt it.

There’s been a lot of (unexpected!) buzz over Chippy D’s hardcore debut. So much buzz, in fact, that it has prompted Vivid to move the online and store release date of Montana Fishburne up from August 18 to August 10. Morpheus is reportedly quite upset, but Chippy is sure they can work it out. Once the general public is bored with this story (so, in 15 minutes), perhaps they’ll be able to.

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