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Recently, I was invited to the set of Exquisite Films‘ production of American Dad XXX.

This really wasn’t a big deal.

I mean, I didn’t get invited because I was special or anything. Media, press, bloggers, and folks who maybe might be trying to show adult in a different, more complex light (me!!) often get invited to sets. This is what the invitation said:

“Exquisite Films and Paradox Pictures invite media to attend the set of American Dad XXX on Date X. This real-life rendition of the popular animated series features a star-studded cast, which includes Briana Banks as Francine Smith, AVN Best Actor Evan Stone as Stan Smith and AVN Best Actress Andy San Dimas as Hailey Smith. Also included in this all-American parody will be Xander Corvus as Steve Smith and Anthony Rosano as the family alien, Roger Smith, as well as Bill Bailey and Angelina Valentine…

(Angelina Valentine poses with Evan Stone while photographers snap away)

…Date X will mark the first day of production on American Dad XXX and include sex scenes, dialogue scenes, glamour photos, and box cover photos. The day will feature all boy/girl scenes, pairing Evan Stone with Angelina Valentine, Andy San Dimas with Anthony Rosano, and Briana Banks with Bill Bailey.” (text anonymized slightly)

I’ve never once watched the FOX Broadcasting Company’s show “American Dad,” but I hadn’t been to a set in a while and I had to be in the Valley on Date X already anyway and a friend of mine had to be there too… so I decided to pop in.

It was all very exciting.

I got to set just after 11 AM. “Set” was inside an innocuous, business-like building situated in the middle of a nondescript semi-residential/semi-commercial block. There was nothing about the location that would indicate an adult production was going on inside.

And truthfully, when you first entered the building, you wouldn’t know either. Two nice ladies greeted me and a rep from Exquisite’s PR management team introduced me to other media in attendance (“other media” implies that I too am media – heee!!). While waiting in the little break/snack/lounging room, I got the oh-so-pleasant surprise of meeting and chatting with Grand Opening’s proprietrix Kim Airs. What a fascinating woman!!

I eventually moseyed my way on to the actual set. There were four “rooms”/sets set up; but given that my dumb ass had never seen “American Dad,” I really didn’t know what was what. Here is one of them:

Kim and I continued our chat, while photographers (“real” media) snapped away at Angelina Valentine and, eventually, Evan Stone. They were booked to work in the first scene of the day.

And then it was a whole bunch of hurry up and wait as everyone seemed to get ready for… well, I’m not sure what. A couple of little interviews were going on on the sidelines, Angelina and Evan were practicing their lines, PA sorts were scampering around doing all sorts of preparation-looking things. I started to get a little sleepy, so I ate a banana and had some water.

It was all very hott and glamorous and wild and incredible, with pink neon everywhere… magicians pulled mythical sex beasts out of their hats and turned them loose to hypnotize a bevy of wide-eyed innocents into shedding their inhibitions and drink mimosas and eat ambrosia while… wait, what?!! I think I dozed off in my chair…

Just kidding – I didn’t doze off; but there certainly was some standing around and waiting, and I was starting to get reeeally hungry. Consequently, when everyone seemed ready for reals to start the scene, a big decision had to be made: because you can’t go on and off set all willy nilly while people are actually shooting (noise and whatnot), I had to decide if I wanted to leave for lunch now… or in about an hour.

(Evan and Angelina practice their lines while crew members set up for the first scene of the day)

My pal who was also on set, who I actually hadn’t seen in a while, opted for the former, so we checked out this nifty little South African spot around the corner. I had some delicious black bean soup and samosas.


All photos taken by me and my trusty iPhone on Date X, 2011.

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