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Generally, if a sex worker affiliated with the adult industry attempts to have a “normal” mainstream career (either simultaneously or after the fact), nothing good happens… Just ask Michael Verdugo, Sandra Margot, and Tera Myers.

You can also ask Benedict Garrett, who is also known as Johnny Anglais (and Jonny Cockfill).

Sex performer/vilified former teacher, Johnny Anglais was suspended from his position as head of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education at Beal High School in Ilford, Essex in 2010 (he’s English). He tells PVV all about that experience (and more) here.

– BUT –

It was recently announced that the “Porn Star Teacher [would be] Allowed to Go Back to the Classroom.” Here’s some text:

“British teacher Benedict Garrett was given a reprimand for working as a stripper and porn star while also serving as the head of personal, social, and health education at a high school in East London. Yup, that’s right, the sex ed teacher was a porn star. But although he was reprimanded, he will be allowed to resume teaching.

The General Teaching Council, which oversees such matters, told Garrett (better known perhaps by his stripping and porn name Johnny Anglais) that he would be allowed to go back to the classroom if he gave up his moonlighting at bachelorette parties and in dirty movies. Maybe that means there’s hope for our favorite fired teacher and gay porn star citizen reporter Collin O’Neal might get his job back!

Since being suspended last July (after some students found his naughty website), Garrett has maintained that he has done nothing wrong and that he should be allowed to work simultaneously as a stripper and a teacher. At this time, he says he has no plans to resume teaching if it means giving up his cheeky side job. Hmmm, maybe we can find Johnny a job stateside. Anyone?” (story here)

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Not only has a severe wrong been righted (Johnny can have his job back), but Johnny has gotten the last word(s) – “No thanks!!”

Although I appreciate arguments akin to the fact that Johnny would be pretty distracting in the classroom (umm… duh!!), I more appreciate the fact that Johnny has taken a stand. I already liked Johnny Anglais a lot, but now I like him even more.

Read Johnny’s interview with PVV here. You can visit Johnny online at JonnyCockfillxxx.com (hard, for-pay site) and JohnnyAnglais.com (hott and sexy, “get-to-know-me” site featuring some great video journal-type material).

If you have any questions for Johnny or would like to “enquire” (hott English!!) about making a booking, you may email him at either johnnyanglais@gmail.com or jonnycockfill@gmail.com. He is also available for the tweeting and the facebooking.

Thanks to JM for bringing this development in Johnny’s story to my attention.

*UPDATED* (9/5)

As I said before, if a sex worker affiliated with the adult industry attempts to have a “normal” mainstream career (either simultaneously or after the fact), nothing good happens. In addition to Benedict Garrett, Michael Verdugo, Sandra Margot, and Tera Myers, just ask Shawn Loftis…

Miami-Dade substitue teacher Shawn Loftis, who worked under the alias Collin O’Neal as a gay porn performer and producer, was fired last month. According to Shawn, he was fired because of his affiliation with adult. (story here).

Check out Shawn being interviewed for CNN by Dr. Drew here. Shawn and Drew discuss all sorts of issues including Shawn’s qualifications to teach, notions of morality and disclosure, ideas that “porn” plus “gay” augmented the discrimination Shawn experienced, and the American Civil Liberties Union‘s (ACLU) refusal to take on his case (all in a little over 5 minutes!!).

Like the other cases of persons with porn pasts pursuing mainstream careers I have discussed, Shawn is more special and unique than he is a pattern.

Consider this: Michael Verdugo experienced discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of his (rather brief) porn past. His sexuality didn’t seem to be the issue as he was already out in the Hollywood, FL police force. Johnny Anglais was fired for being a sex worker engaging in various heterosexual sex performances (stripping and porn and the like, although I do see hott pictures of him supporting the queer community all over the place – love you even more, Ally Johnny!!). The fact that he was supposedly “distracting” to students was the issue.

It’s interesting to consider the possibility that Shawn was “distracting” a la Anglais and gay. In his discussion with Dr. Drew, Shawn asserts that he experienced marginalization for his gay porn past. Did he, or was it just for the porn? Which then begs the question: did Michael Verdugo? In other words, would all the other officers have been cheering had Michael been in heterosexual porn?

There’s no way to know (at least not at this point, with the information currently at my disposal), but what if gay porn is more stigmatizing than heterosexual porn? Things like adult content’s place in the gay community (specifically the “bragging rights” that have been described to me in confidential interviews) and Michael Verdugo’s story make me think one thing, but the discrimination and marginalization that still impacts members of the queer community and Shawn’s assessment of his expereinces make me think another…

What do you think?

(pictured: Shawn Loftis)

* * *

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