PVV – it’s 2013… is “ink” still a thing?

Oh screeners… I get a lot of screeners – for sociological consideration, you know.

Some folks like to send me stuff in small frequent increments, one or two at a time. Others like to do this sort of package deal, with six to eight new releases from one company all at once (!!). For different reasons, I like both options. And for different reasons, both options can be overwhelming.


(pictured: these are the kinds of things I’m dealing with… Christy Mack from Hot Body Ink)

Most times, when I get a box of eight, I immediately set aside the one or two titles that stand out – they’ve got some sorta hype, they’re sociologically relevant in a way that’s obvious to me, they’ve got a pretty cover, etc.

But then I’m left with a stack of DVDs, titles that all start to blend together. I didn’t notice anything overwhelmingly interesting about them at first, but am I missing something? It’s certainly possible…

Sometimes, in situations like this, I have to go outside the comfort of my office to get a little help.

* * *

Recently, a box of eight *new releases* arrived from Evil Angel – always good stuff – and I quickly pulled the title that stood out to me. After a second pass, I set aside another DVD, one that definitely hit some sociological marks but just wasn’t as interesting to me specifically.

And then I was left with six DVDs – what to do with these leftovers? Luckily, a friend was nearby to lend a hand.

“Pick one,” I said. “Pick the one that looks the most interesting to you, for whatever reason.”

“Ok…” he agreed, suspiciously. “Do I get to keep it?”

“Pshah – no way. But pick the one you’d keep if you could.”

Grumbling, he picked up each box individually, glancing over the fronts and studying the backs. He occasionally made comments, including: “Really? Tattooed chics? It’s 2013…”

I stopped what I was doing. He was right: it is 2013… not 1998… are tattoos really still that big of a deal? In the recent past, however, I’ve received any number of tattoo-themed collections – including Evil Angel’s Inked Angels (2013) - so I guess apparently they are.


(pictured: Inked Angels – buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

I watched Inked Angels (it was pretty good), and then I pulled Elegant Angel’s Hot Body Ink (2013) out of my storage closet as an accompaniment. It hadn’t really interested me before (though, upon viewing, it was definitely also pretty good), but things had changed…

Both titles offered up five scenes, and both featured performers Christy Mack and Bonnie Rotten. Both ladies have a lot of tattoos (especially Bonnie), as do the rest of the performers featured in both collections. Thus, in terms of production, both titles are “themed” collections centered around a specific niche.

But here’s the thing – Christy and Bonnie are two of the most in-demand performers in the adult industry today. Neither of them have been working long enough to amass a legion of credits, but the buzz around both women is significant …and not exactly nichey. Is this occurring in spite of their tattoos? Because of them? Something else?



(pictured: Hot Body Ink – buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

In looking through the IAFD credit listings for all the ladies featured in either of these titles, I noticed two things: 1) lots of credits or credits-and-counting 2) in titles that are mostly all-sex.

I’m trying to figure out if the (perceived) production limitations associated with heavily tattooed performers is changing and/or if it’s just that the space for “inked angels” is becoming larger… And if the space for more sex-only sex perfomance is expanding, does that mean we will eventually get some push into more theatrical adult content? Are we going to see Christy Mack in a New Sensations romance title sometime soon?

Only time will tell.

(incidentally, my friend eventually made his selection – a title that absolutely did not stand out to me. I’ll be writing about it soon)


(pictured: Julez Ventura – “inked angel“)

Inked Angels (2013) – with performances from Angelina Valentine, Juelz Ventura, Christy Mack, Bonnie Rotten, Lolly Ink, Romi Rain, and several guys.

Directed by Kevin Moore for Evil Angel.

Buy your copy of Inked Angels and/or watch it now here.


Hot Body Ink (2013) – with performances from Bailey Blue, Bonnie Rotten, Christy Mack, Dana Vespoli, Sarah Jessie, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, and Mick Blue (three times!!)

Directed by William H for Elegant Angel. Released in April, 2013.

Buy your copy of Hot Body Ink and/or watch it now here.


Both Hot Body Ink and Inked Angels offer some pretty decent BTS interview footage, though Angelina Valentine is strangely absent from the latter.


(pictured: Christy Mack in Inked Angels is super pretty)

* * *

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