PVV – Hollie Stevens (1982 – 2012)

I didn’t know Hollie Stevens.

I honestly didn’t even know who she was until she got sick last year. She passed away recently after what has been described as a really brave and sassy fight with breast-turned-brain/everywhere cancer.

Our loss of this interesting and vibrant woman got me to thinking…


(pictured: Hollie Stevens, 1982 – 2012)

Hollie, who was from Missouri, began working as an adult performer in 2003. She had an extremely varied carrier that seemed to hover around fringe productions; however, she has 175 performance credits on IAFD. She was also known as “The Queen of Clown Porn,” was a regular at Kink.com, and won an AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene – Video in 2004. These things are not fringe-y at all.

As far as my memory currently serves, I can recall seeing Hollie in only one project – Enter the Peepshow (which was shot in 2008 but released in 2010). Enter the Peepshow was “presented” by Club Jenna’s Underground (oh dear…) and directed by Jack the Zipper. Overall, the film was not very good.

This bit of clown porn was supposed to invoke some sort of circus oddities cabaret, and I guess it does that. Kinda. It’s really noisy and disjointed, like a bad pornification of Natural Born Killers (1994), and the sex is a sporadic mess. Some of the set design and make-up/costuming is compelling, but overall the whole thing is just a little too arty/weird for me (though the scene wherein Murrugun the Mystic swallows a sword while Ariel Adore swallows his sword is interesting)…


(pictured: Hollie played “The Clown,” mirrored top left and right)

…but Hollie was good. Dressed like a crazy clown, she has crazy clown sex with Christian XXX. Her greasepaint make-up gets all smeary, and her hair is in her face. She exuded a devil-may-care sassy bold that was so interesting. I think that that essence was fairly characteristic of her work overall.

In 2011, Hollie was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. In June of 2012, she married her partner Eric Cash and learned that her cancer had metastasised to her brain. She died on July 3, 2012.

Here’s the thing… People die. People die of cancer, and people die young – Hollie was only 30. All that stuff is awful, but it happens. In many ways, Hollie was lucky. She had lots of love and friendship and passed away peacefully in her sleep. Many people don’t get that.

Being the sociologist that I am, I ponder Hollie’s circumstances extrapolated out to society – a young woman sex worker who is gravely ill… I think about treatment, health awareness, and medical care/bills. I think about folks who may think they’re impervious to death because of youth, and I think about what can happen to people if they are unaware.

Where ever she is, I hope Hollie feels better and knows that a lot of people really seem saddened by her passing. I also hope that people, especially young women sex workers, garner a measure of awareness about their own health in light of Hollie’s… because it doesn’t seem like cancer gives a fuck.


(pictured: Hollie in Enter the Peepshow)

Enter the Peepshow 

With performances from Hollie Stevens, Alexandra Ivy, Ariel Adore, Jayme Langford, Rebeca Linares, Sasha Grey, Victoria Vengeance, Zoe Minx, Alec Knight, Christian XXX, James Deen, Justin Snyder (as Justin Syder), Pike Nelson, Sledge Hammer, and Murrugun the Mystic.

Directed by Jack the Zipper for Club Jenna. Released in February, 2010.

Buy you copy of Enter the Peepshow and/or watch it now here.

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America’s Beloved Porn Journalist Gram Ponante wrote an extremely touching farewell to Hollie here – it honestly made me a little teary.

Content images used with permission. Image of Hollie from the SF Weekly here, along with some very kind words.

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