PVV – guess who’s getting “naked” for Kony (someone other than Jason Russell) – Bree Olson!!

By now, everyone in the free world (or at least everyone in the free world with some measure of autonomy and fast, easy internet access) has heard of Joseph Kony and Jason Russell.

If not: Joseph Kony is a leader of a Ugandan guerrilla group that has, among many other things, done lots of horrific things to kids. Jason Russell is, among many other things, the filmmaker responsible for the short documentary, Kony 2012.

Kony 2012 “went viral” in March, 2012, meaning lots of people were watching it and talking about it on Facebook. The entire Kony 2012 project, including Jason’s foundation Invisible Children, Inc that backed it, was subsequently subject to tons of media attention and scrutiny… (which I would think was his intention??) …which, in turn, prompted Jason’s balls-out naked “episode” on a San Diego, CA-area street corner.

In other words, on March 15, 2012, for whatever reason (there are many theories about what was actually going on), Jason got naked because of Kony.


Someone beat Jason to the punch by also getting naked (not really) for Kony: Bree Olson.

For those of you who don’t recall, Bree Olson was a well-respected and popular adult performer from about 2006 – 2012. She became one of Charlie Sheen‘s “goddesses” in 2011, but that quickly fell apart and Bree has supposedly since retired from performing… last I heard, at least.

Anyway, Bree obviously still needs to be doing something with her time and this whole Kony thing prompted her to create this PSA, “Naked for Kony 2012” – enjoy!!



Here’s some of Bree’s description of the video:

“Hello everyone! I’m Bree Olson and I was very inspired by the Kony 2012 movement! In this, I cover the controversy of Kony 2012. I also discuss other charities in Africa that you can donate to as well. Please check out my video as it was made just for you guys! Plus I was half naked and it was REALLY cold outside, all for a great cause!…” (text here)

I’ve gotta say – I have nothing but love for this video.

Yes, the editing is a little choppy and the titling is fraught with some serious run-on sentences. Yes, “naked” is totally false-advertising as a cute sundress and hat, a cute string bikini, and a cute little “I wanna be ‘urban’ with my booty shorts and hoodie” ensemble do not constitute nakedness. And yes, I can imagine that someone out there is going to invoke that “slasher films” argument, which discusses the ways in which sexiness and nudity coupled with violence are desensitizing and can induce violence against women (though that argument would be a serious stretch in the case of this PSA).

So there’s all that, but there’s also so much more…

I like that Bree is putting herself out there and getting behind a cause and a series of issues that she deems important are important. I also like that she had this idea of getting “naked” before Jason did. Now you may be thinking: “Bree’s video was posted on March 16 and Jason had his whatever whatever on the 15th…?” Remember to factor in idea-brewing and production time. Bree wins, even though many may argue that getting semi-naked isn’t all that much of a creative stretch for her…

…but haters gonna hate, and hate on Bree they do. If you feel like getting super pissed, read through the comments people have left on the video itself – awful!!

This harkens back to the whole “putting herself out there” thing. Bree has a series of skills that most people don’t have, which include (among many other things) rolling around in the wet sand and mud, walking in public while wearing a skimpy outfit, reading aloud (which is a dying art), and doing some bang out anal (back in the day). None of these things are easy to do. They require time and effort to develop.

But rather than applaud Bree for finding a clever way to get her message out there and rather than commend her for finding a way to incorporate some of her skills into a framework that clearly parallels both the Invisible Children, Inc movement and every other slickly produced mainstream campaign for gum, cars, shoes, real estate, etc etc, commenters have to get all personal. Meaning, they have to bring their personal issues with porn and sex and “beauty” and body image into the mix, which is extremely short-sighted.

I feel that this sort of hate from the public, from those who love to watch porn performers work but can’t stand to watch them think, is a major reason why many adult talent refrain from doing things like Bree is doing here. But I’m cheered by the fact that I really don’t think Bree gives a shit, and I love her assertion that: “If you’re against learning more about the world around you, even if that education comes from a charity that is flashier than most, you’re missing the point.”


Whatsmore, this PSA also draws attention to the plight of urban poverty gripping the Los Angeles area, specifically Downtown. Bree is walking through homeless folks’ living rooms in her hoodrat sunshine outfit, and she’s rubbing her bikini-clad ass up against peoples’ bedroom walls. This certainly could be construed as problematic; however, given the thought put into the PSA as a whole, I think she may have done this on purpose. Her secondary point, that there are atrocities going on right here in the US, in California, and in LA, be it intended or not, was very effective.

Go Bree!!

Here are the links Bree includes at the bottom of her PSA for those who want to learn more:


And if you want to learn more about Bree Olson via PVV, go here. This piece that engages Bree’s career as an example to explain porn performer jobs is particularly interesting.

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