PVV – gah!! Chandella Powell fired from the UFC for “secret” past life as Mariah Ashton

Recently, I came across this (from mmamadman.com… don’t ask):

“UFC Octagon Girl Chandella Powell has been released from the UFC for not disclosing her past modeling work under the alias Mariah Ashton. Do a Google image search for ‘Mariah Ashton Danni’ to see exactly what it is that she was fired for not disclosing, but be warned – don’t do it while you’re at work!

With the full consent of the UFC, Chandella Powell had moonlighted as a Playboy Bunny while she worked for the UFC, and she had also posed for the magazine in the past. But Mariah Ashton, it seems, went a bit further with her modeling career.

Chandella Powell had been Octagon-side since late 2009, after Logan Stanton and Natasha Wicks were unceremoniously dumped by the UFC. Now, only Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer remain, the latter of which, ironically, will be gracing the cover of Hugh Hefner’s legendary men’s magazine next month.” (original post 2/16/12 here)

In no way, shape, or form is this ok!!

First off, this is what you get when you search “Mariah Ashton Danni.” For those of you who don’t want to click, it’s a gallery of 17 images – soft (no penetration), solo, striptease and implied masturbation from Danni.com, which is just about as pretty-vanilla as you can get. Honestly? The only graphic thing in this gallery are the white ’80s pumps Chandella is wearing, and they’re not even that bad.


And this is what happens when you search for Mariah Ashton on IAFD.com –> NOTHING!! Now granted, IAFD hasn’t catalogued ALL adult content EVER, but it’s pretty dang thorough (read: incredibly comprehensive) and from what I can gather in five minutes of looking in the right places, Chandella did no easily searchable hardcore… which means she was fired from the UFC for that soft solo pictorial.

Seriously, UFC?

You, the UFC… an organization based in “extreme fighting” with more than your fair share of links to hardcore content and personalities… an organization that has octagon girls and busted faces and all sorts of drug-addled fighters… an organization that pumps money into publicizing soft shoots (Playboy) that’re pretty much on par with Chandella’s Danni.com gallery – you fired one of your own because of this??? You are so hypocritical and discriminatory in so many ways!!

For years now, I have appreciated and supported you, UFC. You took something that’s occasionally described as “human cock fighting” and turned it in to a legitimate sport… and now you’re gonna go ahead and do something like this? I understand that there could be more to this story, but I’m not sure what “more” adult-related things would/could make this OK…

Given these details, I’m calling shenanigans. This is bullshit, UFC. We’re done.

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