PVV – fun and fabulosity at the 4th Annual TS Awards!!

The 4th Annual TS Awards* were held in Hollywood, CA at Joseph’s Café on February 19, 2012. This was my first time attending this awards show, and my goodness was it festive!! It was also kinda familiar. Let me explain…

[*For various reasons, I struggle with the term “tranny” and opt to use TS instead. I am aware that this decision comes with several significant and potentially problematic implications, including but not limited to colonization and extreme presumptuousness on my part. My reasons for continuing to use TS in spite of these issues are articulated here]

I arrived at the event venue right around 9:30 PM – just in time to catch the tail end of the red carpet and snap this picture…

(pictured: beautiful lady on the red carpet)

It was chilly (for California), so I quickly got myself inside. Joseph’s is an interesting place – about one third covered garden patio, one third dining-style seating area, and one third bar. The awards were set up to take place in the dining-type area.

I started cruising.

There weren’t too many people there when I arrived, which both did and did not surprise me (PST!!). The crowd was an amazing blend of dapper dudes (most of whom appeared to be in their 40s and 50s) and kaleidoscope of women – all sorts of women!! – in various stages of glamazon.

(pictured: before is was packed!!)

As the hour crept towards the slated start time of 10 PM, I found a great little vantage point and continued on with my observing. Here’re some things:

1) The TS community and the folks who came out in support of it didn’t seem to be structured all that differently from any other segment of the adult industry – performers and personalities were present to be honored at their awards ceremony, and fans were there to adore them.

2) The fans of the TS adult community ranged from (apparently) sweet and supportive to starstruck to awed to a bit awkward to occasionally creepy. This was no different from fans of any other group attending a big celebratory and/or community event, adult or otherwise.

3) The hierarchical divisions amongst and between performers was also oddly familiar. There are established TS stars, TS performers who seem to be coming up, and TS women looking to get in – it’s a fascinating dynamic.

And finally, 4) porn standard time (PST!!) is alive and well and present in every corner of the industry. The TS Awards started promptly at 10:45… ish. But who cares – everyone was having fun!!

By the time the awards began, Joseph’s was packed. Two dancers came out on stage to warm up the crowd, then golden sequined goddess MC Nicole Paige Brooks (from Season 2 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”) started the show.

(pictured: Brittany St. Jordan and Nicole Paige Brooks)

The awards themselves rolled out rather quickly, with lots of snark and sass and camp. The crowd was energetic and loving every minute of it – super fun!!

Unfortunately though, as time passed and more and more folks crowded into the room where the awards were actually being presented, it became more and more difficult to hear and impossible to see. Picture taking was not happening. I took that as a sign and slipped out into the night – walking a little taller, inspired by glamour.

* * *

I also got a goodie bag (swag?) when I left!! It included:

– some Mia Isabella “Big Secret” Personal Lubricant from Pipedream

– a copy of Third World Media’s Leaking Tranny Fluid 2, Shemale Strokers 50, and PK Vegas’ Cowboys and Shemale Indians

(having title issues… deep breath)

– and an official TGirl Truth Meter from Shemale Yum (among a few other little things) – lovely!!

This parting gift was definitely NOT evocative of other awards shows, which generally do not give out any goodies at all (at least not nowadays).

(pictured: goodies!!)

* * *

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