PVV – FSC… it’s time to join up, people!!

This fall, Measure B happened.

And so many additional things have happened since then too, all of which amount to two words: cluster. fuck.

[Don’t believe that assessment? Read this –> “LA County Health Issues Measure B Letter to Adult Producers” on AVN here.

Also, everything on PVV re Measure B at this tag here. This specific post discusses many basics, as well]

But just because this situation is rapidly devolving into the ridiculousness we all knew it would, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a county ordinance and megalomaniacal organization with a mission to contend with. There is. Unfortunately though, as is the tendency with all dimensions of our short attention span-based culture, vocal anti-Measure B activism seems to be waning.

The Free Speech Coalition (FSC), however, is still there fighting… quietly figuring out what to do and gearing up for action. And they need your help.


If you are a member of the adult community, it is your responsibility to join the FSC.

You can join as an individual for a mere $50 or as an organization with dues based on annual sales volume or business type (ie law firms and talent agencies have a flat fee). All the information is –> right here <–

You may also email them at info@freespeechcoalition.com or call directly at (818) 348-9373.

And guess what you get to do if you’re a member of the FSC? Vote in their Board of Directors elections!! If you don’t like what the FSC is doing, you can help vote in representation you feel is more reflective of your needs (and probably get involved in other ways, too) – awesome!!

You really must fork over the funds to help support your industry, people!! Like them or not, the FSC is THE STRONGEST THING standing between you and the porn-free abyss. I invite you to think about that long and hard…


But there’s more – for friends and fans of the adult industry, you can join the FSC too!!

Though you cannot vote, for a mere $25 you can be a Consumer Advocate member of the FSC… you know, the organization that fought and won Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition (among so many other things). The FSC works to ensure civil liberties for you and everyone else, not just everyone in adult.

If you are a member of the general public, support the industry you love - donate and/or join. And, because I personally feel so strongly about collective organized action, here is my offer to you…

Over the years and weeks and months, I get an incomprehensible number of screeners from adult content producers. And if you, dear reader, are to:


1) join the FSC as a Consumer Advocate or donate a minimum of $25 (info here, email info@freespeechcoalition.com, or call directly at (818) 348-9373)


2) email me “proof” of membership or donation and your address


I will send you THREE screeners as a token of my appreciation. I’ll even pay for the shipping.


This both helps combat piracy (because let’s be honest – you really shouldn’t be looking at tube sites… watch my screeners instead!!) and enables me to show my personal gratitude to you for supporting an organization I feel strongly about.

I know that many people have mixed feelings about the adult industry’s trade organization, and these mixed feelings are not unfounded – BUT – the fact remains that the FSC does amazing, thankless, and incredibly necessary work. They help enable thousands of people to live productive employed lives by protecting adult industry viability and, thus, provide an infinite amount of enjoyment to the population at large.

They need your support.


If you are a member of the adult industry, I implore you to get involved. YOU CANNOT COMPLAIN IF YOU DON’T TAKE ACTION.

And if you’re a fan of any aspect of the adult industry, I implore you to take my screeners… and support this industry!! Email me at chauntelle (at) pornvalleyvantage (dot) com (and if you include a little note about your favorite type of content, I’ll try to match it – I’m just that nice)


Join the FSC –> right here <–

You may also email them at info@freespeechcoalition.com or call directly at (818) 348-9373.


Full Disclosure

1. I will keep this going until I run out of screeners… then I will have to stop… so join/donate sooner rather than later!!

2. This “promotion” is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by the FSC – this is my idea only and has never once been discussed with any members or employees of the FSC. FSC is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with this idea.

3. I am an individual member of the FSC. I pay an annual fee like everyone else. I do not work for the FSC, nor am I affiliated or involved with the organization in any way other than being an individual member.

4. If you live in one of those zip codes or states where one cannot legally mail adult content, I am sorry but you cannot play.


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