PVV – Fetisch Film Festival, 2011

Recently, through the magic of what could only be… magic, I was made aware of the Fetisch Film Festival.

It’s German.

(pictured: from Maximum Shame, a featured film)

Held annually in Kiel since 2008, this year’s Fetisch Film Festival just happened (October 25th – 29th, 2011). From what I can tell, it’s not too unlike most other film festivals: all sorts of content relevant to the theme are screened, filmmakers and producers are on hand to answer questions and chat, and there’re awards and a big party in the end.

Here’s some interesting copy I found written about the festival:

“There are some great films with a fetish theme out there, but they can be hard to find and far too many people never see them. However, you can discover the very best of them, all in one place, at the Fetisch Film Festival in Kiel, Germany. If you’ve film and you love fetish, you must visit Kiel in October.

The focus is on independent narrative films. Most are in the English language, or at least with English subtitles. There will be discussions, parties and an exposition of fetish photography by Carlos Kella. At the end, awards are given to the best films and the event closes with a big BDSM party.” (text originally posted here)

See – not too different.

Some of the winners of this year’s Golden Whip Awards (!!!) are as follows:

Best Film of the Year: VIGASIO’S EXPLOITATION directed by Sebastiano Montresor

Best Actress: Emily Browning in SLEEPING BEAUTY

(pictured: from Sleeping Beauty)

Best Actor: William Van Noland in INDIETRO

Best Actresses in a Short Film: Anna Linng and Venus O’Hara in LOVE ME LIKE YOU HATE ME

Best Trans Performance: Chiara Pavoni in VIGASIO’S EXPLOITATION

(pictured: from Vigasio’s Exploitation)

Best Short Film: FOURPLAY SAN FRANCISCO by Kyle Henry

Best Short Documentary: LOVE HUGS KISSES SISSY STEPHANIE directed by Mrs. G

Best Trans Performance in a Short Film: Paul Soileau in FOURPLAY SAN FRANCISCO

(pictured: from Fourplay San Francisco)

Best Website of a Film Producer: www.erikalust.com

Best Long Clip (no idea): ARIEL’S JOB INTERVIEW (Restrained Elegance)

Best Music Video: FETISH by Faith Michaels (Directed by Gaetano Guido)

(pictured: from Fetish)

Best Concert Performance: “S&M” by Rihanna featuring Britney Spears (link to specific performance here)

And there’re lots more… complete list of Fetisch Film Festival, 2011 winners and links here!!

The Fetisch Film Festival seems to explore content that crystalizes when the fringes of several borderlands intersect: fetish and BDSM, softcore and erotica, global international communities, and mainstream filmmaking and narratives. Seriously – Rihanna and Jane Campion alongside Erika Lust and Sissy Stephanie??!!

And although this event teeechnically seems out of the realm of hardcore, what if it’s not? Or what if that’s another borderland? I’ve only viewed one winner from this year’s list (I’ll go ahead and let you take a guess which one that is, RiRi…), so I have no idea really; but it’s very interesting to consider these intersections, the fringes of “mainstream” BDSM narratives and harder “sexually explicit” (vs hardcore) content, and the possibilities for the future.

I will definitely be keeping an eye on this.

(pictured: from Spring, a featured film)

* * *

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