PVV – Dr. Chauntelle On the Couch with Lydia Lee!!

So today I came up from my own couch for a little while (I’m still really sick – damn you influenza!!) to watch something amazing – me!!

Just kidding – I see myself every day, and it gets a little old.

But seriously, what I did get to see today that’s amazing was an “On the Couch with Lydia Lee” interview featuring none other than yours truly!!

Lydia Lee (formerly known as adult performer Julie Meadows) conducts these really interesting and in-depth “On the Couch” interviews with members of the adult industry, mostly performers. She has had really long and interesting conversations with Kayden Kross, Tanner Mayes, and Bobbi Starr (to name a few). She also shares really sweet things (like an ode to her bunny, Johnny Awesome), hilarious things (like a commercial from the mid-90s), and pretty incendiary investigative work on her YouTube channel. It’s fantastic stuff.

And when I was in LA last month for the XBiz show, Lydia did me the honor of conducting an interview.

Really it was more like old friends talking than a quote/unquote interview, and we covered a lot of stuff!! Consequently, it’s a pretty long series (broken into six parts). I have posted them all below, with a little topic summary at the beginning of each.  You can also read Lydia’s commentary on the interview here.

It was truly an honor to spend some time with such a passionate, open-hearted woman… and to meet Johnny Awesome in the fluffy bunny flesh!! Enjoy, bebes (and email me)!!

Part One – random chit chat about LA and Texas and whatnot… the relaxing introductory sequence!!

Part Two – this one is kinda my Back Story, specifically discussing how I got interested in the adult industry.

Part Three – in this segment, Lydia and I are discussing gender inequality in sex work (prostitution specifically).

Part Four – here we’re discussing feminisms, differing perspectives on “correct” or “worthwhile” endeavors, and individual choice.

Part Five – in this segment Lydia and I discuss motives, what constitutes helping and service, and performer autonomy.

Part Six -in this final piece, we are talking about gender inequality and insensitivity and the attribution/application of gender stereotypes.