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The US Postal Service has no official motto or creed, however most of us are at least familiar with some version of their *unofficial* mantra:

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” (here)


Ordinarily I would reeeally be questioning that whole “swift completion” thing, but today I’m mostly focused on the fact that the MAIL KEEPS COMING …even when you’re unpacking and even when there’re a fkkk ton of other things going on!!

So given everything lately, when I recently received a package from New Sensations and Digital Sin, I was grateful for the distraction (thanks JSJ… and I know you don’t use the USPS – that just fit into my story better ;)

There were two standout items in the box: Innocence of Youth 5 and The Sexual Desires of Remy LaCroix. Consider…


1. Digital Sin’s Innocence of Youth 5 (2013)

I wrote about Innocence of Youth a while back, when they were only on Volume 3. It’s a standout – albeit uncomfortable for me – series. You can read all about my personal issues here.

Regardless though, the Innocence of Youth 5 cover… oh my goodness!!


(pictured: that there would be Mia Malkova… buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

Volume 5 reflects the series’ format: four highly stylized and themed, genre-specific bits of very well-done fantasy content.

Each of the four women performers – cover girl Mia Malkova, Ashley Stone, Adriana Chechik, and Angel del Rey – are dressed up in elaborate doll costumes for what essentially amounts to an exquisite display of cosplay. Each lady-dolly is then banged with her dress on by some dude while some music box-sounding tunes play throughout.

It’s as titillating (and as unnerving) as it seems. If this sort of thing sounds interesting to you, this series is absolutely not to be missed.

Buy your copy of Innocence of Youth 5 and/or watch it now here.

Check out other titles in the Innocence of Youth series here.



2. New Sensations’ The Sexual Desires of Remy LaCroix (2013)

I am really impressed by cleverness, and New Sensations is consistently clever… thus, they impress me often. The Sexual Desires of Remy LaCroix is no exception.

Someone who was just kinda over it might say: “This is just a ‘Best of..’ title, who cares?” I would beg to differ though.

No where on The Sexual Desires of Remy LaCroix is the phrase “Best of…” or its likeness uttered. This is an interesting way to reach out to new Remy fans (Remy noobs who may want a broad sampling of this adorable phat-bottomed, hula hooping freckle face) and existing Remy die-hards…


(pictured: buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

…because New Sensations was ahead of the curve – they saw the beauty and specialness of Remy early on, thus their Remy library is very diverse. You get five total scenes including a nice schoolgirl-themed anal, a scene from Innocence of Youth 2, and the epic Girl Fever girl-girl between Remy and Riley Reid – 100% worth it for any Remy fan!!

(plus, they kick in two boy-girl bonuses, both solid)

Buy your copy of The Sexual Desires of Remy LaCroix and/or watch it now here.

Worth checking out too are Girl Fever, a great collection that contains the Remy-Riley scene (among others), and Innocence of Youth 2 because… well, just because.


(pictured: Girl Fever is reeeally good – buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

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