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Adult content producer Evil Angel has an interesting structure, one that’s worth explaining…

Evil Angel was started by producer, (former) performer, and free speech/civil rights activist John Stagliano in the late 1980s. Stagliano is one of the most influential members of the adult industry, and “The Evil Empire” is one of the most highly regarded production and distribution houses. The company has a fascinating history, an overview of which is here.

Stagliano developed the “gonzo” style of adult content production early on in his career. As I recently explained, gonzo content “is when the camera ‘talks’ – imagine someone walking around a family gathering with an old school camcorder. The person filming the action was also (usually) involved… talking to people about whatever was going on, narrating, saying silly embarrassing things, occasionally getting in the frame, etc. That style of shooting is gonzo.” This production style has since been widely imitated across various genres of adult.

Anyway, there is an endless amount of things that can be said about John Stagilano and Evil Angel; but for our purposes here, let’s focus on the fact that Evil Angel distributes content from a collection of directors. This is how John himself explains the arrangement:

Evil Angel, or “The Evil Empire,” is a company owned by me, John Stagliano, that is organized in a completely different way than any other video porno company. I sell my videos, and I also sell the videos of several other directors. We are different in that I do not own the videos of these other directors. I only sell their videos and keep a percentage of the gross sales as a fee for my services. I started this arrangement because of my experience selling videos to other porno companies. They would buy my videos and own them themselves. I found that it was very difficult to build my reputation with the public this way, and also, I did not get any more money if I did a video that sold exceptionally well.

At Evil Angel I wanted to create a situation where the directors could be rewarded for the hard work they put into creating their product. Here the directors make more money if their videos sell more. This is a great incentive for them to find new and better ways to make videos. All indications are that this system works very well. The DVDs that we make are the best-selling in the business. Each one of our directors is unique in style and content, but similar in their commitment to create the best product possible. (original text here)

So basically, Evil Angel is a studio by which John produces his own content and a distributor through which select directors can make their products available.

Currently, members of the Evil Empire include Bobbi Starr, Belladonna, Nacho Vidal, Rocco Siffredi, and others… obviously including John Stagliano himself.

They have a very different way of doing things.

evil angel

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