PVV – #AB1576 moves out of Arts & Entertainment Committee

In news too appalling to really focus on, I give you this text from TRPWL:

In a closed door meeting, Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, who was not present to hear today’s testimony, cast the 4th vote to move AB 1576 out of the assembly’s Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism & Internet Media Committee.


Los Angeles voters will remember.


At the initial vote, Assemblymembers Ian Calderon, Marie Waldron and Richard Bloom voted in favor of the bill.


Republican Assemblymember Scott Wilk voted against the bill and Democrat Cheryl Brown abstained.


In disregard of the will of hundreds of adult performers — the group the bill purports to help — as revealed by signed petitions and a standing room only committee room, AB 1576 now moves on to the California assembly’s Appropriations Committee… (here)

This happened after AB1576 was stalled earlier at the hearing. Assemblymembers Gomez and Marc Levine were not present during the testimony, but apparently that doesn’t matter when you are voting on peoples’ lives, later, behind closed doors…


(pictured: Jimmy Gomez, image pulled from TRPWL)