PVV – a wolf in Shelley Lubben’s clothing? **UPDATED** 10/8/11

Oh Shelley, it’s been a while…

I have discussed Shelley Lubben and her Pink Cross Foundation at length numerous times on PVV – Shelley and The Devil and Shelley Lubben (here and thoughts here), Shelley in Cambridge (here), and Shelley in a parking lot on Sunset Blvd (here).

There’s more too (all of it’s here)… you get my drift.

I haven’t heard much from/about Shelley since the June, 2011 CalOSHA meeting, during which time she was called out and shut down masterfully by the adult performers in attendance (here).

But this week has been an exception.

First I saw this:

Then I watched this (below)… It’s an interview with former adult performer Michelle Avanti. According to IAFD.com, Michelle amassed 94 performer credits during her time in the industry. She was then affiliated with Shelley and the Pink Cross Foundation for a period of time after her tenure in the business was done.

Here is how Pink Cross tells her story – “The Hardcore Story of Michelle Avanti.” This interview below, however, tells a slightly different story…



The implications of this interview (and of that terribly sad screen grabbed message) are significant and disturbing. Thoughts?

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Fascinating further discussion of this development, including some response from Shelley Lubben herself, on Luke is Back, JulieMeadows.com, RedGarterClub.com and TheRealPornWikiLeaks.com. The comments at the ends of these linked posts are especially interesting.

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