PVV – a pot o’ gold at the end of the Rainbow (Bar and Grill’s parking lot!!)

Sometimes, when topics rain they pour…

On Wednesday January 19, 2011, Michael Whiteacre was out having himself a little dinner at West Hollywood’s legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill. He had just been featured in a PVV Back Story on January 17th, so he must have been celebrating!! Just kidding, just kidding, but for the record – the Rainbow is only a couple of blocks from his home.

He and his dinner companion were surprised when – holy crap!! – in walked Shelley Lubben.  Shelley is the topic of Whiteacre’s forthcoming documentary The Devil and Shelley Lubben, which he is producing with Lydia Lee (whom you may know as former adult performer Julie Meadows – check out her Back Story here).

Now, it is entirely possible that Shelley traversed the over 100 miles that lie between her home in Bakersfield and the Rainbow in West Hollywood – over the Grapevine, past the SCV, through the Valley, past the cluster f*ck that is the 405/101 interchange, over the hill, and then up Sunset – to gnosh on some of the restaurant/bar’s tasty dinner offerings, but the fact that she had her camera-laden videographer & producer Ricky B with her suggests otherwise.

Regardless, Michael and Shelley proceeded to have a conversation in the Rainbow’s parking lot.  Both parties agreed to allow their respective companions document the exchange, Ricky B with his professional (??) camera and Michael’s dinner companion with Michael’s iPhone.

Michael has since posted his documentation of the exchange.  It is my understanding that he has not altered the footage in any way except to break it up into three parts (for the purpose up uploading) and clean up the sound some.  Check ’em out:

Now, I have many many MANY things to say about this series of videos; but I’m gonna go ahead and let you guys sit with them for a while – what do you all think of this, the Epic Rainbow Bar & Grill Smack Down? Email me, and let me know!!

Teasers for the forthcoming film The Devil and Shelley Lubben here and here.

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