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I recently visit an adult set in the San Fernando Valley – no big deal, this is something I’ve done dozens of times before (at least).

This particular visit, however, struck a chord with me. Something I had seen before and heard described countless times occurred yet again. I was so moved by the entire scene that I decide to write up an account of this particular time on set.

Following is a snippet of “The Unsexy Truth about [Men] Porn Actors,” which appeared on MensHealth.com on 8/21/14. Check out the full piece here, and enjoy!!

While some women performers can still rake in more than $1,000 for a boy-girl scene, almost all the men make well below that. Is it fair? Is it ethical? And for those dudes whose jobs seem enviable from the outside, is it in any way fulfilling?

I recently visited a porn set in the San Fernando Valley. Because of my sociology work—I study gender, labor, and law as they operate in the adult entertainment industry—I’ve been on dozens of sets over the past decade, from the most elaborate of productions to ratty apartments in North Hollywood. This particular shoot was a small project for a well-known company. A director had launched a new series of vignette lines, which were basically collections of 30ish-minute mini-movies. The intent was to find a middle ground between the all-sex gonzo films and a typical film narrative. I was curious to see the production process behind this new format, and there’s always something to be learned about community and culture when you’re a fly on the wall, especially when people are taking their clothes off…

See “The Unsexy Truth about [Men] Porn Actors” (8/21/14) on MensHealth.com


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