heeey 2012, here’s PVV’s Best of 2011!!

Well, it’s that time of year again – the season of the list!! Most noteworthy news, music that mattered (mattered?), most embarrassing whatever whatevers, worst plays, and best websites (PVVOnline!!) – that sort of thing.

It seems like the end of one thing and the beginning of another almost necessarily lead to some degree of reflection, so reflect and “Best Of” I shall!! In the spirit of the season at hand, I give you PVV’s Best of 2011 – a listing of PVV pieces from last year that I consider to be especially awesome, insightful, relevant, and/or sassy.

And actually, it was really fun to revisit some of my little gems from the past year. I feel like I made good on my commitment to offer you all critical commentary on adult production and the industry as a whole (though there is certainly always room for more)… but you tell me!! Check out these PVV selections, and let me know how I and my quest for porn-edification did. You know I’ll love you for it!!

In no particular order…

PVV Pieces

PVV – A Swarm of Bees

At some point this year, there were a bunch of adult industry-related issues in the mainstream news. Lots of little things tend to add up, creating a tide that is perhaps more ominous that anything else…

PVV – Ass-Fucking The Justice League of Pornstar Heros 

I wrote a review of Burning Angel Entertainment’s Ass-Fucked (2011) – I loved it!! I also wrote a review of Extreme Comixxx’s The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes (2011) – I was ambivalent about it. Unfortunately, in my ambivalence, I subjected The Justice League to some classically pedestrian and disempowering analyses. I discuss those here – it was a wonderful learning experience!!

PVV – your boyfriend likes his online girlfriends better than you? 

On porn addiction…

PVV – what’s in a name? 

PVV, which was originally called “Porn Valley Vantage” got dumped/excommunicated from the Holy Land of Facebook for undisclosed reasons. It was an extremely frustrating and enlightening experience. Here’s why I rolled over and changed the name of my site (and started a dr. chauntelle Facebook page instead, which you should totally go “like” if you haven’t already)

PVV – dr. chauntelle and EXXXOTICA LA, 2011  

I had a super fun time at EXXXOTICA LA – some really noteworthy happenings (and non-happenings… interesting) occurred during that event, and there’s a lot of reflection in this recap.

PPV – “Girls Watch Porn, Too”!!

There’s much more to this CollegeHumor.com video that “breaks the silence” surrounding a common myth than just quirky campy funny fun… much more!!

PVV – Viva Las Vegas 

Here I vent my frustration regarding some extremely problematic and embarrassing presumptions and assumptions offered forth by my sociologist “peers” – viva, Las Vegas!!

PVV – just another morning in the Valley 

A sociologist’s-eye view of a real live porn set – it’s probably everything and nothing like you’d expect.

…aaand some reviews!!

A lot of wonderful and thought-provoking content was released last year. Although I could never possibly review all of it and for various particular reasons, here are some of my favorite favorites!!

Girlfriends Films’ Poor Little Shyla

Digital Playground’s Fighters

Wicked Pictures’ Heart Strings

POPPORN.com’s Man Vs Pussy

Tom Byron Pictures’ A Wet Dream on Elm Street

Elegant Angel’s Portrait of a Call Girl

And finally, Back Stories…

I was so lucky to get to interview many wonderful individuals this year including Magdalene St. Michaels, Kelly Shibari, Tod Hunter, Brian Street Team, Keni Styles, and Takedown Piracy’s Nate Glass.

It was a good year, and I can’t wait for you all to see what I have up my sleeve for 2012 ;)

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Random: when I Google image searched “Best of 2011,” this guy came up… It must mean something? (it would’ve been better/weirder had it been James Franco though, no?)