Have you been reading “The Adult Film Minute”?

Have you been reading my FilmDrunk column, “The Adult Film Minute“? Because if not, you’ve totally been missing out!

FilmDrunk is the movies, media, film, ‘n stuff arm of the UPROXX network. According to their about page:

UPROXX covers the culture of what’s buzzing and delivers the best of web culture by tapping into the film, TV, music and sports zeitgeist on the internet.

Affiliated sites (read: other limbs) include The Chive, Cracked, AV Club, and more.

Anywho, once per month, I tell the FilmDrunkards and the rest of UPROXX a little bit about what’s going on in adult entertainment and explain why it should matter to them/wider society. It’s a pretty fun, freeform space where I get to talk about whatever I find compelling for the month.


So far, we have:

Jessa Rhodes Explains The In And Outs Of Porn Stardom In 2014” (9/12/14)


Why does the Vocal Anti-Porn Lobby Refuse to Debate” (7/10/14)


Host Boys and Why You Should #PayForYourPorn” (6/13/14)


Chase Hates Porn Stars. But So Does PayPal, Amazon…” (5/12/14)


Brony Porn, Porn Star CrossFit, and The Tranny Awards Gets A Name Change” (4/9/14)


A New Condom Bill Clears California Labor and Employment Committee” (4/8/14 – special report)


Porn Gets Its Own Netflix [and Vine’s Changing TOS]“ (3/11/14)

If you’ve missed any, you should go catch up/read them all – right now!!

Everything is completely safe for work (SFW), and new columns come out on-or-around the 10th of each month …though in looking through these publication listings, not one single article has actually come out on the pre-set date haha.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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