Happy November 24, 2011!!

This year, Thanksgiving falls on November 24th. That’s tomorrow. The whole Thanksgiving thing is one of those bits of “Americana” (ehhh…) that I feel rather conflicted about.

On one hand, as soon as you scratch the greeting card surface, there are all sorts of evil things associated with it; on the other hand, I like the message of helping and sharing and appreciating what’s going on around you (sometimes we need a little reminder).

On one hand, many social inequalities and injustices are heightened during what may be a time of excess for some and less than nothing for others; on the other hand, many people are made aware of those inequalities and some become compelled to do something about them.

You get the idea…

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I appreciate both the positive aspects of the Thanksgiving holiday and fact that I have lived to see November 23, 2011 (today). I plan to do good stuff on November 24th and every day thereafter, for as long as possible, to help assuage the injustices associated with this particular holiday and injustice in general.

Seems pretty good to me.

Also, I like this picture. Enjoy!! I love you all xoxox