PVV – Elexis Monroe is very ill

I don’t know Elexis Monroe personally, but I know quite a few people who do. Everyone says she’s very nice and that she brings a lot of happiness to the world. She is also a huge presence in the Girlfriends Films production community.

Apparently Elexis is very ill with some sort of facial bone infection. I am not exactly sure what has happened, but it seems like an abscess and some botched dental work went awry, causing a very serious situation.

To wit (from Elexis):

As long as the abscess doesn’t any further in my facial bones, towards the brain, or in bloodstream, I should have a solid chance of full recovery. An abscess is no joke. Then I’m going to fix everything my last dentist f*cked up. Because if not, if I don’t get all the bad bones out and make sure everything is corrected right, I could get an abscess again & more severe. (here)


Elexis is a single mother; and, like most of us in the world, I imagine she doesn’t have a coupla Gs lying around for unforeseen (dare I say unusual, possibly the result of medical negligence) medical bills.

Pretty shitty. Skip your next latte and help Elexis – donate to her medical fund via PayPal. Donations can be made by logging in to PayPal and using the e-mail address elexis08@gmail.com.


More about this situation on XBIZ here –> “Elexis Monroe Donation Page Set Up to Help Fund Medical Treatment

Follow Elexis on Twitter at @ElexisMonroe

(pictured: Elexis, image from @ElexisMonroe)

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