The Dr. Chauntelle Show (4/16/12)

Woohoo, it’s the Dr. Chauntelle Show!!

This week, talk gets a little newsy… and also a little sad. In Random News, I went to the 28th Annual XRCO Awards. It was my first time attending this event, and I was impressed with the organizers’ community message… but I was also a little confused by some modes of delivery – you get more flies with honey, you know? In sad news, adult performer Sledge Hammer has passed away. There were some extenuating circumstances surrounding his death that are really worth taking a closer look at.

I saw some Sweet Content this week from Reality Kings, Seattle Hairy Girls, and Elegant Angel. This was an interesting collection of titles that got at one really important question – the bush… is it back?? And finally I break down some problematic methods informing a study that I actually really want to believe – point being, you always had to consider how your “facts” come about.




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Go here for more on the XRCO Awards (item #1).

Go here for more on Sledge Hammer’s sad passing (item #3).

For “the bush is back?” and reviews of Reality Kings’ Hot Bush (Vol 5), Seattle Hairy Girls 57 & 58, and Elegant Angel’s Bush, go here.

And for an ultra-nerdy breakdown of study findings and methods, go here (item #2).

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