Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson, episode 2 (3/26/12)

Oh eM Gee, it’s the Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson show, episode 2!!

In this week’s installment, Johnson and I talk about adult personality Bree Olson getting naked(ish) for Kony 2012, some girl-girl date footage from Belladonna that shocks by not being shocking, and what happens to teachers that used to work as porn performers (I’ll give you a hint – it might vary by gender)



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For more information on the issues and topics we discuss in this episode, see…

Bree Olson’s “Naked for Kony 2012” video here.

Review Haiku of Belladonna’s Sexual Explorer (2011) here.

And for more info on Stacie Halas and other teachers with adult performer work histories, see Interesting News (3/23/12, item #1) and women’s equality in teaching.

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