Interesting News (8/29/12) – syphilis update edition!!

I know that the way of the world today is to move on to the next thing before the first thing is even over (much less resolved), but that’s not the way syphilis works!!

Here are some interesting bits and ongoing information…


Here is an extremely interesting timeline of this entire series of events unfolding:

(link SFW, but the rest of the site might not be)

Holy f, the first two dates/points read:

Gene Ross writes – 5/12: Sometime toward the end of the month, performer Chastity Lynn calls out Marcus on set for having open sores and refuses to work with him

6/12/12: TTS begins testing for syphilis as part of its basic panel of tests

TTS only started testing for syphilis in June…? So many things to be said… but is anything missing from this timeline?


Oh, and apparently TTS has a doctor now…? (here)

Talent Testing Services, Inc. (TTS) in response to the recent syphilis outbreak, the growing industry concern over STDs, and the misinformation that has come along with it, has named Dr. David Smith, M.D., M.A.S., an infectious disease specialist, to head its Internal Medical Council and Outreach Program.

This is good!!… except that, based on the title “Internal Medical Council and Outreach Program,” I’m not sure if David is a treatment/counseling/information doctor, or just a counseling and information doctor… and I still think there needs to be a unified system. And I’m not the only one.


Alia Janine wrote a solid, albeit occasionally apologetic for her foul-mouthedness (tee hee), post outlining her thoughts on the adult industry’s recent/current syphilis situation on her blog,

Here’s some text from “Porn: The New Political War Grounds?

…thus why the APHSS system is needed. Regardless if you like the FSC or not, they’re the only ones I saw step up to the plate like Sharon Mitchell did to do something to protect us. And yes, people have every right to be nervous about having your “real name” in a data base like that. But let’s keep real, performer’s real names are EVERYWHERE online. If someone wants to find it, they’re not going to hack into a data base to do it (unless they’re a psycho like the name we do not speak of). The internet, lube, and some time is much easier. Although I do believe the FSC needs to focus more on the whole picture and stop trying to control everything. But look at it this way, if Manwin and a few other companies are forking out all this money for medical equipment, testing reimbursements, and treatments, Im fairly certain they will make sure the APHSS data base is secure. Specially if we ask him nicely about it on Twitter. lol If you don’t like the system or the way it works, come up with something that will work better, and change it.


…some people must realize that this is EXACTLY what Michael Weintstein wanted to happen. Him and his little army took out AIM because it was the ONE place that prevent outbreaks and unnecessary damaging PR. He KNEW that it would cause total chaos. Sadly, he was right. Although Im sure he was thinking it was going to be an actual HIV scare, Im sure he’s probably thrilled nonetheless. Because his plan is working, you fools! Am I the only one that’s ever read The Art of War? Seriously. And I don’t give a FUCK (sorry for swearing) if people didn’t like AIM, AIMs purpose was to PREVENT things like this from happening. Yes, people should have the right to choose where they want to get tested, but those testing facilities need to have a ONE common data base (having all the facilities give out that information is much more scary then one, think about it) where all performer’s test results are held so agents and production companies can look and prevent this from happening. It will also prevent an entire industry from having to shut down and 1000s of people being out of work. Just saying.

You can read Alia’s entire post here. It’s 100% worth it.

(fyi: sic, except for the italicized emphasis added by me)

PVV’s podcast interview with Alia Janine here.


I also saw this interesting bit of commentary from Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor III – it’s a rather straightforward, problematic at points, and certainly unflinching assessment of the situation.




(more Tommy on YouTube here)


Further, from APHSS on 8/29/12 here

APHSS doctors have discovered a new test for syphilis – Treponemal EIA. This state-of-the-art test significantly shortens the window for syphilis testing from 90 days to 14 days. This new test is FDA approved and has 99-100% levels of sensitivity and specificity.

This discovery provides the industry with a viable alternative to preventative treatment.  For performers who have had preventative treatment administered, they will still be available to work 10 days after the date treatment was administered. For performers who have not had the treatment, the waiting time to begin performing has just been reduced from 90 days to 14 days. Because of this significantly shortened window, APHSS is suspending preventative treatment and is asking performers who have not been preventatively treated to go to any APHSS provider and get tested with the new test and to get re-tested 14 days later.


More info on this here.


Finally, in slightly laughable news, it’s good to know that the county is doing it’s due diligence – they have been directly contacting adult performers who have worked in scenes with Mr. Marcus to inform them they may have been exposed to syphilis!!

According to AVN on 8/28/12 here:

The Los Angeles County Public Health Department (LACPH) has been directly contacting adult performers who have worked in scenes with Mr. Marcus as far back as April 30 to inform them they may have been exposed to syphilis, AVN has learned.

“The county has contacted some of our girls directly,” talent agent Mark Spiegler told AVN. “It scares the girls because it’s like, ‘Oh my god, the County’s calling me saying I was exposed!'”

Spiegler said that as far as he knew, those called were simply informed of their possible exposure to the disease and offered a free STI test. He added that all of the girls contacted have already tested non-reactive for syphilis subsequently to the Free Speech Coalition’s call for the current moratorium on production while talent gets tested and/or treated.

All of the girls in question have also undergone the recommended penicillin treatment to clear them of a possible dormant infection, Spiegler said…

Although I am certainly happy to learn that the county is doing its job, I am much happier to know that the industry has the ways and means to start taking care of business in a much more timely manner.

What do you think?

(more on the syphilis situation currently impacting the adult industry on PVV here)


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