Interesting News (8/10/12)

Oh, interesting news – a maddening instance of sex worker discrimination, agents and agencies, and something really inspirational to round out the week.

Get ready to get angry, get curiouser and curiouser, and – ultimately – be happy with your own choices to live an authentic sincere life!! It’s interesting news, just for youuuu!!


First up, this week in sex worker discrimination…

I received this information via press release, but it was also covered on AVN here: “University College Dublin Revokes Tanya Tate Speaking Offer”

“LOS ANGELES - University College Dublin’s Literary and Historical Society has rescinded the offer it made to adult star Tanya Tate to speak after college authorities stepped in.

Tate has seen her fair share of controversy, especially in Ireland with her infamous Tanya Tate Sex Tour of Ireland and her on-screen frolics with Irish pro athlete Greg Jacob.

This time, however, the controversy stems from an appearance the award winning MILF performer was set to make. Tate was asked to speak at one of the UCD Literary and Historical Society’s debates. But before her itinerary could be finalized, unnamed college authorities pulled the plug on the appearance without providing any reason.

‘The adult industry is indeed a topic that many people are not willing to discuss, yet many of the population in Ireland choose to watch the work of adult actors and actresses,’ Tate said. ‘While, mainstream communities are becoming more open to exploring the notion of adult entertainment, some parts of our modern society are too afraid to approach the subject. I am saddened that it appears the UCD authorities have decided not to allow their students to explore an open debate on this very issue…’

‘Though I am disheartened by the actions of the college authorities, I do believe there are discussions on the topic of adult entertainment to be had,’ Tate said. ‘And should the students of the UCD have any questions for me, I encourage them to contact me directly. I will compile the questions and on Sept. 19, the night I was originally intended to appear at the UCD, I will upload a video to my YouTube account with my responses. The college authorities may have prevented me from openly debating at the school, but I’ll be damned if I let them stop me from voicing my opinions and experiences to those who wish to hear them.

Students wishing to ask Tate any questions and keep the debate about the adult industry alive may email her directly at Label the subject of the email ‘UCD Question.’ Answers will be posted to Tanya’s YouTube channel.” (text originally and in full here, emphases added)

It’s no secret that I just love Tanya Tate. She’s an intelligent, driven, kind person who goes the extra 100 miles for her fans and community every single day. Don’t believe me? Then listen to this podcast interview with her here.

I would love to hear UCD’s reasons and rationale behind canceling Tanya’s speaking appearance – I’m sure they’re completely well-thought out and fully warranted. (not!!)

Regardless though, I encourage everyone who’s remotely interested to send Tanya a question (here –> I know she will do her best to provide insightful, sincere answers with a touch of sexy sassy fun that is uniquely Tanya Tate!!

(pictured: sexy…)

 (pictured: …goofball!!)


Next up, some more subtle developments in adult industry agent and agency politics – “LATATA Files for Injunction Against Unlicensed Talent Representatives”

CHATSWORTH, Calif. ­ – Richard Lloyd Sherman, an attorney representing the Licensed Adult Talent Agents Trade Association (LATATA) has filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court against eight named talent representatives doing business in Los Angeles and Florida, claiming they are working without the necessary license and bond and seeking an injunction prohibiting their continued alleged illegal operations.

‘It’s something that makes us all look bad, and we are seeking the court’s assistance to try to stop it,’ said Shy Love, owner of Adult Talent Managers, a LATATA member. ‘We LATATA members play by the rules: We’re licensed and bonded and accountable to the State just like any other talent representation agency or professional entity that is required to obtain requisite licensing. These operations are not following the fiscal and legal responsibility rules, and we will ask the court to issue an injunction to stop them.’

The complaint alleges that the unlicensed talent representatives are acting as agents, procuring work for their clients in violation of Section 1700 of the California Labor Code, which requires licensing and bonding, and sets rates for talent representation. LATATA is seeking monetary damages from the unlicensed talent representatives and an injunction preventing them from doing business without proper licensing.

LATATA has reached a settlement with two (2) of the defendants: Michael Jay dba Studio City Casting & Public Relations and Jason Giordano dba JG Models and GenX Models. Pursuant to the terms of the settlement, Michael Jay and Jason Giordano have agreed to cease doing business unless and until they become properly licensed through Dept. of Labor and Standards in Sacramento the governing authority for talent agencies in California. Sherman stated that he intends to file a dismissal as to the two defendants once he confirms that they have ceased their illegal operations.

LATATA ( is an industry non profit trade organization that was formed between licensed agencies within the adult entertainment business. As one cohesive unit, the trade association has the ability to address issues that an individual may not be able take on by themselves, with the primary function of the union assuring the longevity and well being of the adult entertainment industry as a whole, while promoting the interests of the Artists and Agencies so working within it. Current agency members include, alphabetically: Adult Talent Managers, Foxxx Modeling, LA Direct Models, Matrix Models, Spiegler Girls, and Type 9 Models, all licensed to operate in the State of California.”

(quoted text originally a press release by Tod Hunter)

Interesting… I wish I knew more about legal stuff in order to sift through the meaning of “LATATA is seeking monetary damages from the unlicensed talent representatives” – why? But I definitely think, on the basis of this PR, that “an injunction preventing [unlicensed agencies] from doing business without proper licensing” is a good idea.

Being an adult agent is tricky business, and I appreciate LATATA’s efforts to organize and take collective action from within.


Finally, I just love this personal account/opinion piece from Jason Lyon – “The Pen Name” – which appeared in this month’s issue of AVN and can be found online here.

In this article, Jason thinks through his decision to use his real name in writing rather than a pseudonym. It’s a really profound discussion of a very serious issue – in sex-related industries, and thus in sex-related writing, do you opt to use your real name? What are the implications if you do? And, what are the implications if you do not?

Many people elect to use a pseudonym in porn, and there are at least one million and five excellent reasons to do so. But, for various reasons, some people do not.

I liked Jason’s perspectives regarding why he chose not to be “Robert Somerset.” I also like the fact that some performers – Janine Lindemulder, Alia Janine, and Dana DeArmond for examples – chose/choose not to be… whoever else.

Identity is an intensely personal decision that cannot be taken lightly, but I feel we owe a shout out and some sincere thanks to the individuals who choose to help destigmatize porn and sex and sex work by using that “real” part of theirs. It’s not for everyone (nor should it be), but it is a dimension of serious note.

(pictured: Alia Janine)

 (pictured: older shot of Janine Lindemulder)

(pictured: infamous spork picture of Dana from twitter and CNN)

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