Interesting News (6/19/12)

I was just given the gift of a little extra time!!

Generally, my time is pretty pressed; but today, through a series of extremely aggravating occurrences, I have found myself with an extra hour – rather than focus on being frustrated with how I got here, I am instead going to embrace the opportunity to share some interesting news!!

Today – more on the testing factions/troubles/issues that I was discussing last week and some interesting odds between a content producer ( and some workers (cam models).

It’s a contentious day – enjoy!!


1. You may recall…

There are two camps developing regarding where performers should be testing and what types of tests are the most effective in detecting HIV (and thus protecting performers’ health and safety). One organization (TTS) seems to have the tests and the locations, but not the unified record-keeping/monitoring and the doctors and other legal things. The other system (APHSS) has a network of affiliated organizations that provide the legal and back-end services that the other does not; and now, thanks to Manwin ne PiracyWin, can also provide the most sensitive testing services. (see here)

And the nerve-wracking drama continues…

According to XBiz: “Shy Love, owner of Adult Talent Managers, is asking all adult performers, producers and agents to attend a follow-up [to last week’s events and meetings] meeting on Thursday, July 19, to discuss the issue of performer testing…

‘This is an open forum and an open meeting so that when talent comes into this business and is looking at everything, they should be making their own decisions,’ Love told XBIZ [on 6/18/12]. ‘The purpose of this meeting is to educate talent about what’s going on and let them make their own decisions about what they want.'” (originally here)

According to the story, Shy promises to invite representatives from many corners and areas in the industry and has set the date far in advance to give people ample time to prepare. This promises to be an interesting and significant event shaping an ongoing issue…


And in more workplace-related odds…

2. “ responded today to recent allegations of unfair webcam model payment practices.” (originally here; my comments are in italics)

According to XBiz: “A feud surfaced last week when performer Maxine Holloway alleged that she was fired from KinkLive last month after she tried getting other models to sign a letter protesting a new system of payment that she claimed drastically reduced wages for most performers…

Allegations of workers being fired for organizing… ugh!!

“But President Peter Acworth told XBIZ that the company stopped contracting Holloway because her shows had become unprofitable. Further, Acworth said, Holloway was often late and canceled several shows at the last minute.

Complications arise when a company’s goods and services rely on human labor, especially when that human labor also involves sex… In many respects, sex-related cam show labor is no different than any other sort of performance/sales-related occupation; but at the same time, sex in our society complicates things...

“Acworth… did confirm the new commission-only pay structure, effective July 1, that removes minimums.”

Sales and/or service jobs are often commission only or “barely pay to cover taxes and work for tips” only. 

“He added that it also makes economic sense for KinkLive that’s experiencing a monthly net loss is in the $30,000 – $50,000 range.

‘As any webcam operator will tell you, it is not possible to run a webcam business and guarantee a minimum payment to the models. The economics of doing so do not add up,’ Acworth said.”

These things are not untrue in any and every US industry today...

“The new plan rewards the more popular performers, some of whom can earn up to 50 percent of total revenue over $1,500. Performers whose shows total revenue lands under $300 will be paid 30 percent and 40 percent over that up to $1,500…

According to a SF Weekly article, performers Coral Aorta, Wendy Fairfax, and Siren Wolf are in support of Holloway’s claims, and feel that the new wage system will force them to be much more competitive and perform in ways that will push their personal limits.

‘As with any webcam business, the operator has no control over the content of the show. It is entirely up to the model to set her own limits and determine how hard to work a given show. I strongly urge all our models to webcam with other companies and choose the site which works best for them,’ Acworth said.”

Eeek… I’m going to have to look in to this more. This could be simple economics, but it could also be unfair labor practices. And it could also be a combination of both – economically sound for some and unfair to others. This could also be a major example of the differences between pay-per-prescribed-act (i.e. $$$ for act XXX) and purely commission. Interestingly, both get critiqued in the same way – performers in either scenario may be tempted to bend their boundaries for more money.  

Regardless and guaranteed, this issue is bound to get more complicated and the complexities are shaped significantly by the sex-related labor involved.

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Interesting News – news that’s interesting!!

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