Interesting News (6/15/12)

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Today we have two bits of obvious surrounding STI infection and prevention that apparently actually aren’t all that obvious… Adult performers are getting active within their community – some beginnings of organization and information dissemination from performers, for performers… and a trailer that you must see!!

It’s all super interesting news!!


1. File these under “no kidding!!” …except that this stuff is clearly news to some:

From Medical Daily… “Cheaters are Unsafe Sex Partners Increasing the Risk of STD’s” (sic) – “The researchers that people who were cheating used condoms for vaginal or anal sex less often than people who had sexual partners as part of an open relationship… [D]rug and alcohol use was 64 percent higher in unfaithful individuals when compared to individuals in an open relationship… The researchers believe these risky behaviors increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STI) for those who are being unfaithful in their monogamous relationship.” (sic)

Many moons ago, I knew this person whose dad had been having a secret affair. The mom found out when some itching and burning finally drove her to the gyno – she had an STI, which she had gotten from her husband. He had gotten it from his lady friend. It was sad…

I would need to see the methods and how this cheater research is situated in the wider literature in order to fully get behind it, but their conclusions that I’ve shared add up in my view. I’m not sure what it is about cheating that leads people to drop the condom, but it seems to be a pattern.

PS Medical Daily, you really need a copy editor!!

Further, from The Lac du Bonnet Leader… “Silence, shame about STIs leads to spread of infections” –

“According to the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority, HIV rates in the region [up in Canada] are staying steady, with no more than a few new cases per year. It’s other STIs, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, that are more widespread.

But thanks to medical science, STIs can be successfully treated. Even HIV is no longer considered a death sentence thanks to new medicines.

The major threat is the fact that not enough of us are getting tested for STIs. Many people don’t even know they’re infected with one, simply because they have no symptoms. There’s also still a huge stigma attached to STIs. No one wants to be ‘one of those people’ who get one…

STIs are preventable. And the way to prevent them isn’t to preach abstinence or fear-monger, hoping desperately that people will be frightened enough to abstain from sex.

The solution is to get tested, and to break down the psychological, social and institutional barriers that prevent people from doing so in the first place.”

Sexual shame and lack of education strike again… cuz you know, if you don’t know what it is then it doesn’t exist and if you ignore it long enough it’ll go away on its own.


2. Adult performers are getting active!!

You may recall my discussion of some (un)healthy trouble that may be brewing – factions that seem to be developing within the adult industry regarding performer testing…

Well, in the midst of all that, two adult performers – Lily LaBeau and Danny Wylde – have put together a very nice PSA outlining their perspectives on testing (including procedures, types of tests, and available facilities). It’s excellent, and you *must* watch it on Fleshbot here

I can’t even begin to say how much I love this PSA, but here are three specific reasons (just to get us started):

– This PSA is clear, simple, watchable, accessible, thorough, and accurate.

– This PSA features (and I assume was made by, though I know nothing about this PSA beyond what is available at the link) two adult performers who are currently working in the industry and are in the midst of cultivating very strong careers, but are still “in the talent trenches.”

Neither Danny nor Lily are untouchable porn star and/or corporate types… To my knowledge, neither is associated with any one production company or adult industry entity; and, although both are certainly significant and prolific within the current adult performer pool, they are still doing the gritty sticky unfiltered work of talent.

Totally figuratively, these two are like high school students at the end of their sophomore years – experienced and energetic enough to have plenty of insight and vision, but with more than enough time in front of them to grow. I love that these two have taken the initiative to get information – from performers, for performers – out there.

– Danny and Lily state facts very clearly in this PSA; and, when they are expressing their opinions, they say so. It is nice to see two people willing to say “these are the facts, and this is how I/we regard them.” So awesome.

PSA on Fleshbot —> here!!


3. omg, omg, omg – you absolutely must watch the trailer for Elegant Angel’s upcoming film, Wasteland (2012)!!


Certainly you all must know how much I loved Portrait of a Call Girl (2011)… if not, the review is here in all it’s gushy glory.

And on the basis of the trailer alone, Wasteland promises to be just as amazing.

If you follow this link, you will get to the trailer only (not extra “adult” stuff in the margins). Elegant Angel’s splash page for the film is here – I for one cannot wait for its street date in July!!

(pictured: Wasteland‘s Lilys – Carter and LaBeau)

Be a part of the Elegant Angel community here.

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