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Interesting News on May the 5th? Some…

Today, a handy-dandy list of the right wing’s 20 biggest sex hypocrites; horror’s newest living nightmare – a box of porn!!!! – and anything that dares to consider adult content and/or the adult industry in a serious and nuanced light faces discrimination and rejection… again.

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1. One of my favorites, Alex Henderson, recently issued a very important list – “The Right-Wing’s 20 Biggest Sex Hypocrites - The ones who scream the loudest about how godly they are often turn out to be the exact opposite” – via AlterNet.


So who’s on there? Well…

2. Laura Schlessinger

Although America’s Religious Right has been dominated by Protestant fundamentalists, not all far-right culture warriors are Pentecostals or Southern Baptists. For example, talk radio host Laura Schlessinger, a.k.a. Dr. Laura, was a convert to Orthodox Judaism (before renouncing it in 2003), and she has made a career out of railing against sex education, abortion, premarital sex, porn, feminism and homosexuality (the gay-bashing Schlessinger once said that “a huge portion of the male homosexual populace is predatory on young boys”). But for all her moralizing, Schlessinger hasn’t always acted like a Puritan; in the late 1990s, some nude and topless photos she had posed for in the mid-1970s were published on the Internet. The photos were taken by the late radio shock-jock Bill Balance, who sold them to an adult Web site. Schlessinger filed a lawsuit for invasion of privacy and copyright infringement, but a court ruled that the photos were not her intellectual property. Schlessinger’s ‘queen of family values’ routine is also laughable considering that when her mother died in 2002, it was widely reported that Dr. Laura hadn’t spoken to her since 1986.”

Sad (not talking to her mom) but hehe… when I was getting my Master’s degree, one of my committee members had the first name Laura. Being the obnoxious 24ish year old that I then was, I enjoyed calling her “Dr. Laura.” She didn’t seem to like that nickname, and now I know why…

3. Newt Gingrich

In 1998, President Bill Clinton was lambasted by a long list of Republicans when it was revealed that he had cheated on his wife, Hillary Clinton, with intern Monica Lewinsky. One of his loudest critics was House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich (who asserted that Clinton showed ‘a level of disrespect and decadence that should appall every American’). But while Gingrich was lambasting Clinton for committing adultery and trying to get him impeached, he was also cheating on his second wife, Marianne Ginther, with a woman (Callista Bisek, who became his third wife) who was 20 years younger. And that wasn’t the first time Gingrich committed adultery. In the early 1980s, Gingrich cheated on his first wife, Jackie Battley, with Ginther—and when Battley was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery, Gingrich insisted on discussing the terms of their divorce. After that, Mr. Family Values refused to pay Battley either alimony or child support (a local church took up a collection to help her out financially). Despite his history of serial adultery, Gingrich had no problem playing the “family values” card during his recent bid for the GOP presidential nomination.”

Hi Kettle, it’s me – Pot…

Have you read Newt’s half-sister Candace’s autobiography, The Accidental Activist (1997)? It’s only OK overall, but it does have some interesting moments…

Anyway, #5 is Rush Limbaugh and #9 Jim Bakker; and there are so many more!! Each has a great, informative accompanying paragraphs too. Lots of “hehe” plus hypocrisy history, definitely worth a look. (the whole piece is here)

2A. And speaking of “hehe,” consider this bit of Coming Soon – Harmless (2012). Because there is no way I could make this up, has provided this interesting synopsis:

“The dastardly cube of lewd [read: a literal box of porn found in the woods] is the star of a new Christian horror movie titled Harmless, due out this fall. The film is a ‘found footage’ style project similar to Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project. ‘It’s the story about a husband and father and his battle with a box of porn that is found in the closet. Once opened, the box of porn begins to torment the family, much like a poltergeist.’”

And because there is no way that even Starcasm’s synopsis can do Harmless justice, here’s the trailer.


Harmless producers Onslaught Media currently have an active funding campaign on Kickstarter so you can donate to this Harmless cause if you see fit (cuz everyone has the right to support what they choose)…

*however (and interestingly)*

2B. …I find it noteworthy that Kickstarter recently rejected a funding campaign for the adult-focused documentary Staying Power

Staying Power is about porn, sex, and identity. Consider:

“Sex. It is one of the most desired commodities in the history of the world. It’s often valued above gold and health, and often parallel to necessities like air and water. It has made and ruined countless fortunes, given power to many, and stripped it from many more. It has the ability to create life and end it, to bring people together and tear them apart, which is why it has been used to sell nearly everything imaginable, from clothing to cars. Sex is an integral part of society, yet how is it possible to garner a true understanding of sex when pornography – sex as entertainment – is still a dirty word?


As the video above discusses, STAYING POWER works to de-stigmatize and normalize pornography in order to promote healthier sexual expression in society.  The documentary achieves this by introducing viewers to the everyday people producing adult movies, as well as revealing the men, women, and couples consuming porn. STAYING POWER will also demonstrate how society’s ideologies are reflected in porn as it weaves itself into the fabric of modern culture, present gender roles in porn, examine how the porn industry is coping in the face of obstacles, and discuss the study of pornography in academia.”

I personally find this project far more helpful than Harmless, but maybe that’s just me… You can support Staying Power on IndieGoGo here.

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