Interesting News (3/23/12)

As always, there’s interesting adult-related stuff going on in the world. More on former porn performers/(substitute) teachers, moral panics, and why Rick Santorum should stop talking about porn – enjoy!!

1. more on Stacie Halas, the teacher who was found to have performed in adult some years back was subsequently put on administrative leave…

In case you missed it, a California-area (Oxnard) junior high school teacher has been on paid administrative leave since March 5, 2012 after it was discovered that she performed in adult movies (by her students!!). More summary-type info on this story here.

Aside from all the interesting particulars of this tale itself, Stacie’s case is interesting because it’s also one of several recent cases of educators being outed as former and/or current adult performers and sex workers. Given the patterns of identification and punishment/pariah-ification (which is not a word) of four similar cases - Benedict Garrett/Johnny Anglais, Tera Myers, Shawn Loftis, and Stacie Halas – I was starting to think we were drifting into gender discrimination territory. (you can read all about those speculations here)

I’m still not sure that we’re not.

You see, according to AVN:

“The LA Weekly received word [on March 22, 2012] that the Oxnard School District failed to agree on a decision about what to do with Stacie Halas, the former part-time adult performer who subsequently became a Middle School science teacher at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard, which is located along the coast about an hour’s drive north of Los Angeles.

According to the Weekly’s Denis Romero, school officials sent him the following statement today from board president Veronica Robles Solis. ‘Direction was given to legal counsel regarding the discipline of a certificated employee and no action was taken in closed session,’ she said. ‘We know that there is considerable interest in our situation at Haydock Intermediate School. However, we respect the privacy of our employees and the Board Members and staff cannot comment on this matter other than what is reported out of closed session.'” (originally here)

Further, Stacie “will apparently stay on administrative leave while the district decides what to do.”

The AVN coverage goes on to offer some interesting discussion about Stacie’s and Shawn Loftis’ cases (Shawn was the Florida-area substitute teacher who lost his job because of his porn past… but then recently got it back), but the fact remains that Stacie’s career and life are still in limbo.

(pictured: The ‘Nard)

2. In their typical sassy way, Gawker recently offered up an itemization of teen-related moral panics that have peppered the past decade (here).

Rainbow Parties? (these have to do with blow jobs, which is not at all what I was expecting) Four Loko? (I know what this is – caffeinated malt liquor!! thanks KT, et al) Doing something with bath salts other than taking a bath…? (wtf?)

Watching porn starring James Deen?

Le sigh… Gawker is making a joke, but they are alluding to a recent mainstream news programming focusing on the dangers of porn. Within these mostly tired and trite bits of rhetoric, there was a significant emphasis on the handsome in a dorky way, skinny, friendly Jewish boy-next-door and extremely prolific adult performer, James Deen… a man supposedly capable of captivating daughters and sons and leading them down the dark path of adult content consumption. Like a bad stranger offering kids candy or something. Unlike Gawker, these bits of programming weren’t joking at all.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: kids aren’t supposed to be watching porn, parents!! Or smoking bath salts or drinking Four Loko. Get off the couch and do something about it.

And there’s nothing at all wrong with James Deen. He’s funny, a good actor, and a diverse performer (read: he fucks well in all kinds of different scenes), and the Gawker piece is pretty amusing in a “kids these days” kinda way – worth a look.

And finally…

3. Seriously, why does Rick Santorum even speak? But extra-seriously, why does he talk about porn?

In Forbes (3/18/22):

“Last week Rick Santorum vowed to end America’s ‘pandemic of pornography,‘ insisting that if he were president he would limit the rights of adults to show and view images of consenting adults having sex. No doubt there is too much pornography in this country, and anyone thinking of watching it should go read their Bible instead. But what I want in a president is a pragmatist, not a panderer.

It would have been one thing for Santorum to say that his real crusade is against pedophilia or against child trafficking. Those are real evils that must be stopped. But that’s not what he said.

Here’s why Santorum should stop talking about porn.

Porn is not going to go away. The porn industry is very careful not to violate laws protecting underaged boys and girls from being exploited for porn. If porn is made with underaged performers, those responsible for the project do get caught and do go to prison.

Big porn producers like Vivid and Hustler go out of their way to keep underaged kids out of the business, and they work with the authorities to track down and prosecute anyone involved in pedophilia. They do so because they want to protect their legitimate business from government’s prying eyes.

Any limits on the production of pornography in the U.S. will simply push the producers out of the U.S. and into countries that either don’t have such laws protecting children or don’t enforce them.

Banning something generally is not a good way to reduce demand. It didn’t work with alcohol during Prohibition; it hasn’t worked with harder drugs ever since. Scarcity itself creates demand. But Americans don’t have a right to drugs. We do, however, have a First Amendment right to free speech and to peaceably assemble, even if the assembled people are naked and accompanied by a video camera.

Ultimately, we have bigger problems than restricting what adults can do with other adults. If Santorum really wants to fight obscenity he should focus on limiting the crazy things senators and congressmen do with unconsenting taxpayer dollars.” (originally here)


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